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A flood of visitors
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IMG  1763
We lived in St. Louis for about six months and no one visited us. But when they came, they came all at once, and from all over the world.

Maria Rita, Ilaria's aunt from Latina Italy, was in town for a meeting at Monsanto. Gabriella, our friend from Boston, flew in to see Ilaria, Maria Rita (they were friends from Latina, which is how Ilaria met Gabriella), and the developing one.
IMG  1761
Elissa, Ansel,
IMG  1770
and Ben came from Boston for the BMES conference in St. Louis.
IMG  1760
It was our first time to meet Ansel, so I was pretty excited to test our skills at dealing with babies. I planned to photograph how well we were doing, so that I could have a look now-and-then to reassure myself, that I'd figure out the whole being-a-father thing.
IMG  1764
Ilaria started out a little shaky with the baby holding, but given the little man's size
IMG  1767
I think she shorted it out pretty well.

I planned on taking even more pictures when I watched Ansel for a couple hours while Ilaria and Elissa went to the store and Ben went to the conference. It started out great until I fed him some milk and everything went to chaos on me.
IMG  1773
It was the time in my life when I was most happy to see Ben, when I got to hand that little dude back to his dad and watch him masterfully get him to stop crying.
IMG  1781
But I learned a lot in those 30 minutes of crying.
IMG  1782
And Ansel and I were friends again
IMG  1790
a few minutes later.

Thanks for coming everyone!