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gas station
You see the hard-working sweaty guy there? Turns out his sister is from Acadia, and he really likes it there! So he starts pumping our gas and telling us all about the beauty, food, and culture of Acadia. According to him, Acadia has beautiful eagles nests which you can see from the interstate, fantastic lobsters that are incomparably better than in Boston, and lots of "arts and crafts and shit".

He was super nice to get us psyched about our trip, the only problem was that at the beginning of a trip everyone is pumped to get moving, and although he was talking quickly, the gas meter wasn't moving so fast. In fact, the gas meter wasn't going up AT ALL. No matter how hard I'd stare at that meter on the gas pump to try and indicate that HEY NO GAS IS GOING INTO OUR CAR, he just kept enjoying telling us great things about Acadia. Finally, I couldn't take it and I said, "um is the pump working?" "oh, I'm sorry; here I am talking and I forgot to turn the pumps on."

He turns on the pumps, and continues his Acadia promotion telling us about his sister's land, etc. And now the gas has begun to trickle into the take. And yes, I mean trickle. I mentioned this, and he said that the big tanks below the station must be almost empty. Another 20 minutes passed and our gas tank was certainly not full, but a 1 hr stop at the gas station across our street was long enough, so I told him I thought that was enough gas. He said "no, no, you're going all the way up to Maine, you need to fill your tank". However, the voices of Ilaria, Ben, and Elissa assured him that this was exactly the amount of gas we wanted.