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An Italian consulate and a cousin in Chicago
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IMG  9791
Living with an Italian person in the US brings lots of experiences you normally wouldn't have as an American. One of the most frequent experiences is making some kind of effort to make sure Ilaria doesn't get kicked out of the country. But even the simplest tasks can require a ridiculous amount of work.

On this occasion, Ilaria needed to fill out some official Italian paper work and to do so she needed an official Italian lawyer. In Boston, she could do this sort of thing at the local consulate. Since we now live in St. Louis, our closest consulate is in Chicago. So we took a ride on Amtrak.
IMG  9797
On what happened to be National Train Day.
IMG  9802
By early evening we were in Chicago (train ride is 5 hours).
IMG  9808
Since St. Louis is a little small for our tastes, we were excited to be in a real city again.
IMG  9811
We stayed in a hotel near Millenium Park
IMG  9813
with its curious bean that we so much enjoyed the first time we went to Chicago together.
IMG  9825
Last time we were in Chicago, it was really cold,
IMG  9826
so we didn't hang around long enough
IMG  9828
to see its weird fountain
IMG  9829
in action.
IMG  9833
We stayed in Chicago two days, one day to hang around the town and one day to visit the consulate.
IMG  9834
Our goal for this rainy Sunday morning was to visit
IMG  9841
the Art Institute of Chicago.
IMG  9846
It is one of the top art museums in the country (the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is the only US art museum I've visited that tops this one) and well worth a visit if you're in Chicago.
IMG  9848
With plenty of Picasso, Van Gogh, etc...
IMG  9843
It's most famous piece by a well-known artist is probably Seurat's Grande Jatte.
IMG  9850
But American Gothic is really the most unique painting. Created by little known artist Grant Wood in 1930. This painting has somehow become one of the most reproduced images in the country.
IMG  9844
My favorite pieces were The Drinkers by Van Gogh
IMG  9857
Untitled: (Portrait of Ross in L.A.).

This pile of candies is supposed to be a portrait of the artist's partner, Ross Laycock, who died of AIDS in 1991.
IMG  9858
You are supposed to take a candy and enjoy a sweet in an "unexpected place".
IMG  9859
The diminishing pile of candy represents Ross Laycock's dropping body weight as he approached death. Pretty different.
IMG  9863
One of the artist's requirements for the work however was that the candy be perpetually maintained by the museum.
IMG  9869
After the museum, we headed to the north part of the city for the first time to meet my cousin.

I have a gigantic family (the descendants of my father's mom are ~100 so far). Since my sister and I got old, we really haven't seen our cousins too many times. At my grandma's 90th birthday party, I learned my cousin Michael (my closest cousin by age) lived in Chicago.
IMG  9868
He took us to an ice cream place where we had a nice chat about our crazy giant family, being nice to people, living in the present, and everything yoga.

Michael is a super-yoga master. He teaches yoga with his partner Tony,
IMG  9870
who we meet up with at
IMG  9873
Fat Cat, where they had dinner while Ilaria and I had drinks (it was still early for dinner for us).

They were really fun and interesting, so hopefully we can go hang with them in the big city some time soon.
IMG  9877
The next day we were all business. We left our Club Quarters hotel.
IMG  9880
And walked
IMG  9882
on this beautiful
IMG  9884
IMG  9885
IMG  9886
In a few minutes, we had reached
IMG  9889
the Italian Consulate.

The Italian consulate is really like a small room of everything bad about Italy. Most of the employees were rude, inefficient, and they could care less that people in the waiting room had come from as far as Denver and had flights to catch.

Rather they would angrily complain that people were "wasting their time" when they didn't have the correct documents (nobody had the correct documents, so the Italian consulate must have been giving crappy instructions). It reminded Ilaria and myself of the downsides of life in Italy.

I felt really bad for the Americans in that place that needed VISAs and things for studying in Italy. The Italian government should at least put some US-style organization/friendliness in the consulates and let folks experience dreadful Italian bureaucracy after the Americans land in a country so beautiful that they are less bothered that nothing bureaucratic functions well in Italy.
IMG  9890
Chicago is a growing city. Here's a new luxury living building by Donald Trump.
IMG  9892
Chicago is one of the few US cities where Ilaria would consider living,
IMG  0007
so we spent the last part of the trip strolling through
IMG  0003
some (expensive) residential neighborhoods to get feel for life in Chicago.
IMG  0018
Then we walked
IMG  0020
to the Amtrak station
IMG  0021
and took our train back home to St. Louis.