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Apple picking with Meg and Andy
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IMG  1795
Andy suggested we all go apple picking.
IMG  1794
He even did some local apple farm research to keep us from apple picking at one of the touristy Illinois apple picking places where you have to pay to pick your apples (rather than just paying for the apples you pick).
IMG  1797
This exquisite apple farm
IMG  1799
even had sunflowers
IMG  1801
for our viewing pleasure.
IMG  1808
Somewhere in between working at a summer camp, doing fish research, and teaching English in Thailand, Andy worked at an apple picking farm. So we relied heavily on his professional picking skills and his sensitive apple palate.
IMG  1806
Ilaria perfected her apple-polish-on-the-sleeve technique.
IMG  1813
I picked the fewest apple, because it seemed someone was always handing me a half-eaten apple to finish, saying "this ones pretty good try it". So I mainly documented this historic event that featured
IMG  1819
apple polishing
IMG  1820
IMG  1822
the girls' advanced
IMG  1825
It takes two to achieve that maximum polish.
IMG  1826
That baby kick adds just the right amount of extra shine.
IMG  1827
We also met a butterfly
IMG  1829
and some pumpkins as we walked through the apples.
IMG  1833
After apple picking
IMG  1839
we had some cider donuts
IMG  1840
and took
IMG  1841
our apples (10 lb each!)
IMG  1845
back to St. Louis.