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Autumn Leaves in the Ozarks
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IMG  1855
The last time Ilaria and I went to check out the Autumn Leaves was in Boston -- just before I sold my car.
IMG  1859
Now with our Scion XD,
IMG  1868
we hit the road
IMG  1872
to see the Autumn Leaves in the Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas.
IMG  1876
Ilaria designed our first day of driving around a series of mills.
IMG  1878
We stopped at the first mill
IMG  1889
to eat some lunch.
IMG  1891
IMG  1892
It was
IMG  1893
IMG  1896
The mill was "under repair". But it appeared more like they were rebuilding the thing from scratch.
IMG  1897
It was still a nice place
IMG  1898
to see the leaves.
IMG  1902
A few miles later
IMG  1906
another mill.
IMG  1908
Hodgson Water Mill
IMG  1914
is picturesque enough, that they make puzzles out of pictures of it.
IMG  1918
We took
IMG  1920
a short walk
IMG  1921
along the stream
IMG  1932
that flowed after the mill.
IMG  1922
Then we drove on to
IMG  1941
our third mill.

Back in the old days, the towns would form around these mills just like towns formed around the mines in Montana.
IMG  1943
At this mill
IMG  1945
they even had a
IMG  1946
real gas pump.
IMG  1947
Pulling a lever back-and-forth to put gas in your car is really pumping your gas.
IMG  1950
Our car
IMG  1954
and the developing one
IMG  1955
liked Zanoni Mill.
IMG  1964
Nicest trees of the trip.
IMG  1966
Next we stopped at Rockbridge Mill
IMG  1970
built back in 1868 and rebuilt back in 1888.
IMG  1971
There were some men
IMG  1973
fly-fishing in the stream behind the mill.
IMG  1985
They caught fish as soon as the threw their line in the water.
IMG  1987
Both of them had pretty good collections going.
IMG  1965
Next to the mill was what was supposed to be a great restaurant, but it was too early for dinner and Ilaria wanted to see more things before dark.
IMG  1991
Our last mill of the day was middle-of-nowhere, on-a-dirt-road, for-sale Hammond Mill.
IMG  1992
We drove down to
IMG  1995
Mountain Home, Arkansas and ate dinner at Fred's Fish House on Lake Norfork. It was good, southern-priced (i.e. cheap) food, but it was too dark to see the lake.
IMG  1996
So we went back the next day to
IMG  2001
snap a few
IMG  2007
photos. Including Ilaria's artistic close-up series.
IMG  2008
IMG  2009
IMG  2010
IMG  2011
IMG  2012
IMG  2013
IMG  2014
IMG  2015
IMG  0696
Then we headed to the last stop of our trip,
IMG  2037
Mammoth Spring.
IMG  2040
Where we found
IMG  2045
a dam that used to power
IMG  2047
a Westinghouse generator.
IMG  2054
We arrived home early that evening after our short 672 mile weekend trip through the autumn leaves.