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Boston Marathon 2005
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runners 1
Every year, it is cold in Boston until the marathon and for this one day in early spring it warms up and is beautiful.
runners 2
Which I'm sure pleases these runners as they approach mile 23,
as we spectators ponder what it would be like to be in their shoes; eh, perhaps drinkin a little starbucks is a big enough rush without all the pain.
little Man
You'll be out there with them soon enough little man.
best Sign
Winner of the best sign award.
runners 3
There are lots of runners!
finish Line
And towards the finish line,
there are lots of spectators.
Brings with it a cool drink.
And a free reflective thingie to keep you warm.
In a race for the old,
the young,
finished 2
and everything in between.
Inspired by the runners, we walked a couple miles to the public gardens.
To photograph a scene for Good Will Hunting.
sunset 1
Still inspired by the runners,
sunset 2
we began our five mile walk home,
sunset 3
as the sun said goodnite.