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Christmas in Latina 2005
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polenta with sausage
I spent Christmas without my parents for the first time in my life. It's kinda hard to believe, since I've been on the Earth for 26 years now. But if I'm going to be without my folks at Christmas time, it's nice to know there's a hot plate of Mariassunta's polenta with sausage waiting on the table with a glass of wine and a slice of fresh bread.
too many christmas lights
And I felt I was thrown right into Southern USA when I was shown the excessive holiday spirit of the Mogno's neighbors who maintain a bama-florida-vegas-style Christmas lightshow.
christmas dinner
We had Christmas eve dinner at Fernando's sister's house. Let me introduce my family to the Mogno family. Around the table (starting with the person closest to the camera and moving around clockwise) are: nonna (Fernando's mom), Caterina (Ilaria's cousin), Lino (Ilaria's uncle), Matteo (Ilaria's brother), Laura (Caterina's sister), Fernando (Ilaria's dad), Mariassunta (Ilaria's mom), Ilaria, Maria Rita (Fernando's sister). Nonno (Fernando's dad) isn't in the picture for some reason.
christmas dinner 2
I didn't take many pictures because I was busy opening presents and looking at other people's presents. I also, forgot to bring my camera to Mariassunta's family Christmas lunch the next day. I'll take their pictures when I'm in Italy this January.