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Eliot Third month
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IMG  0149
As soon as Eliot was born, I couldn't wait for him to meet all of his family -- especially his cousins. It took three months for my sister and I to find a time when we could get everyone together. But it is just as well, because Eliot wasn't doing much playing in those first 2-months anyways.
IMG  0157
We also took the opportunity to celebrate Gray's fourth birthday while we were together.
IMG  0167
Ellie had been wanting a cousin for years, and she was ready to play the role of perfect cousin.
IMG  0168
With help from Aunt Retse,
IMG  0170
Ellie kept Eliot pretty entertained by reading to him and
IMG  0174
playing games with him.
IMG  0172
Gray decided he wanted to hold his cousin too; he held Eliot just long enough to take this cute picture and then said "I'm done".
IMG  0180
Eliot liked relaxing with his Uncle Scott.
IMG  0198
It was great to have all of the cousins together.
IMG  0200
And great for Eliot to have a warm PawPaw belly to sleep on.
IMG  0203
Making sure not to ignor my uncle duties, I built towel-based train to drive my niece and nephew around my parents house.
IMG  0204
My folks dog, Rocko, was jealous until we let him get on the train too.
IMG  3535
Back home it was time for more sleeping, growing, and working on
IMG  3542
IMG  3547
IMG  3587
while leaving around
IMG  3585
little Eliot gifts
IMG  3558
to make us smile.
IMG  3583
For a while, Eliot hinted that he might switch from ciuccio to
IMG  3564
thumb, but these few experimentations with his thumb only strengthened his opinion:
IMG  3602
that he was a ciuccio
IMG  3601
kinda man.
IMG  3609
Some of the funniest moments everyday during this period were after Eliot finished breastfeeding. He would get really drunk from the milk and completely lose his ability to use his little muscles.
In his third month, Eliot became pretty good at playing with the toys in his bouncy chair. He tended to be obsessed with only one of the three animals at a time and for days would focus his eyes on that one.
IMG  3559
All of this playing was hard work.
One of the things that surprised me during this period was how Eliot had no difference in dexterity between his hands and his feet. Unfortunately I took this movie after the best part was over, but he was grabbing this ball with his foot and toes with the sensitivity of an blind person feeling a statue to learn its form. Its too bad so much of our potential atrophies over time.
IMG  3633
My mom came to help us watch Eliot one of the weeks before we left for Eliot's first trip to Italy.
IMG  3647
We took Eliot
IMG  3662
to play
IMG  3664
in the park.
When mom was in town, Eliot decided to arch his back and throw his legs in the air. To his surprise, his chest and head came off the ground; he saw the world from a new angle and he liked it. After this I was sure he be walking in two months or less.
IMG  3683
After that moment, Eliot became determined to move forwards. We'd put books in front of him as motivation and he'd try and try to get to them with no success. It was to be several months before he actually properly crawled.
By trying
and trying
IMG  3691
he eventually (5 months later) reached the books.
And by trying and trying eventually,
IMG  3835
with a little help along the way,
IMG  3699
he'll be able to read the books he already enjoys so much.
IMG  3687
IMG  3689
little man
became a bouncy chair expert.
IMG  3735
IMG  3733
IMG  3781
little cucciolo
IMG  3782
IMG  3821
changing fast.
By the end of the month, we were starting to see aspects of his personality that remain today (> 1 year later) and will likely stay for years to come => if he's awake he won't stop, even for a second's rest, practicing all of the things he is able to do until he sleeping again.
IMG  3826
Little by little we were starting to feel like a
IMG  3827
IMG  3844