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Eliot and Ilaria recover at BJC
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Eliot first bath
This freshly born 4kg little human came to dominate my free-time to such an extent that he's now nine months old and I'm just getting around to writing the photo album from the day after he was born.
IMG  2394
After the surgery was over, Ilaria had to do some medical stuff for her recovery, so it was my job to accompany Eliot to his first bath. I was really curious to chart the progression of his belly-button; it started out green.
IMG  2401
Eliot was NOT pleased to take his first bath.
IMG  2406
After it was over, they put him on this bed with a heater above to warm him back up to 37C
IMG  2411
and then he was content.
IMG  2414
Eventually, Ilaria arrived to her room and they brought us a swaddled little Eliot. It was our first time alone together and Eliot was pretty much like this the first nite.

Ilaria and I couldn't sleep -- having some combination of euphoria and disbelief that gave us insomnia. At 3AM or so I put pictures of our little man on facebook, and by 4-5AM, after many hours of just looking at Eliot, we went to bed.
IMG  2421
We woke up the next morning to see the other side of the half-finished building that we pass by on the way to work or the metro.
IMG  2427
Ilaria's task for the day was to learn how to move from her bed to this chair. It did not look very easy. But she was really happy to talk to all of her family and friends in Italy that were calling all day long to say congratulations and see how Eliot was doing.
IMG  2428
IMG  2432
was doing
IMG  2435
IMG  2437
He probably cried
IMG  2441
a total of
IMG  2447
30 minutes
IMG  2455
the entire time
IMG  2460
we were in the hospital.
IMG  2457
Ilaria and I learned how to swaddle him (this sloppy job was probably done by his father).
IMG  2463
I spent lots of time trying to figure out how to play with him.
IMG  2467
While Ilaria spent lots of time cuddling with him
IMG  2469
and trying to help him figure out how to eat.
IMG  2472
We were trying to figure out how to be a little family.
IMG  2473
By the next day,
IMG  2475
Ilaria was strong enough to walk him to the nursery.
IMG  2477
And I was still
IMG  2478
trying to get Eliot
IMG  2480
to play with me.
IMG  2484
We were fortunate that Ilaria's double room was only occupied by her, so I could sleep there at nite
IMG  2487
with our little lion cub.
IMG  2495
He was really tiny.
IMG  2507
To keep people from stealing him, he had a fancy ankle bracelet.
IMG  2514
We'd take turns
IMG  2523
holding him; there was plenty of time to do so, because neither of our families were there yet.
IMG  2531
Meanwhile, his little belly button had gone from green to shriveled and black in around 48 hrs.
IMG  2532
Ilaria really liked those days in the hospital. All of the nurses were so nice and took such good care of her and Eliot that she kept saying how she was glad she had a C-section so she could stay an extra couple days at the "best hotel of her life".
IMG  2536
For me, I felt pretty useless, as neither Ilaria or Eliot really needed me, so I went home and cleaned (which I never do) to get ready for the moment we weren't ready for.
IMG  2545
going home...

It's scary watching a child being pulled from the stomach of someone you care for deeply.
IMG  2546
But after you see that everyone is fine
IMG  2547
the scary part is going home.
IMG  2549
By now, we could swaddle, change diapers, and Ilaria was able to feed Eliot fairly decently
IMG  2555
However, we would have preferred to remain at the hospital until Eliot filled up his car seat a little better. The hospital and the insurance company would have none of that.

Like all mind-bogglingly overwhelming things in life, it's probably best to not think too much about it and do whatever comes natural. So we put him in the car and drove two blocks to our apartment.
IMG  2559
We had decorated our room with paintings from Aunt Retse, Uncle Scott, Ellie, and Gray. And we had a bed from Argentina loaned to us from Federico, Cecilia, Felipe, and Carmela.
IMG  2562
Eliot's mom was exhausted.
IMG  2566
So I took sleeping Eliot to accompany me, while I finished the Making Eliot Darwin Faith photo album. This fathering thing was starting out pretty well.