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Eliot eleventh and twelth months
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Learning to climb.
IMG  6812
By eleven months, we bundled up Eliot
IMG  6819
to go watch the penguin parade
IMG  6824
IMG  6825
the zoo
IMG  6859
Eliot learned about snow.
IMG  6889
Got better at Skype
learned to play a little rougher
IMG  6910
IMG  6912
IMG  6914
IMG  6915
IMG  6932
Winter cold keeping us down, no worries Eliot's got us covered.
IMG  6937
He liked hanging out under his chair
IMG  6939
and reading books on
IMG  6940
his futon.
IMG  6965
His little curls kept growing.
IMG  6980
And so did his little feet.
He got pretty good at shooting hoops.
IMG  7007
We drove down to visit
IMG  7011
Gran and Pawpaw.
IMG  7021
On the water
IMG  7035
Eliot got to see
IMG  7037
IMG  7044
IMG  7053
eat bread.
IMG  7059
IMG  7063
Eliot like my parents dog Rocko.
IMG  7069
Two teeth.
IMG  7083
We had a nice surprise when my Aunt Joyce and
IMG  7084
Uncle Troy stopped by
IMG  7085
on their way to Oklahoma.
IMG  7086
Eating is
IMG  7088
hard work.
IMG  7089
Eating with mom.
When my Uncle Troy saw Eliot he said he'd be walking within a week.
And within a week he was. More less...
IMG  7131
IMG  7132
are worth
IMG  7134
waking up
IMG  7137
IMG  7142
IMG  7192
By 12 months, presents started arriving. A Rody horse from Zio Matteo.
IMG  7193
Stop-and-go bus from Elissa, Ben, and Ansel.
IMG  7200
Yeah, lots of fun with our
IMG  7207
new presents.
IMG  7214
Then finally we'd made it. One year!!!!!!!!

We'd gotten through the first 12 months of this endeavor together with no major problems.
And we celebrated by opening a few presents.
IMG  7239
And a nice cake Ilaria made.
IMG  7246
We learned
IMG  7247
Eliot didn't like chocolate.
IMG  7251
That's ok more for us.
IMG  7255
Learning to ride
IMG  7256
IMG  7257
and dance.
And read a little better.
IMG  7278
What will
IMG  7279
the next year hold for us?
IMG  7293
I look forwards
IMG  7299
to the experience.