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Eliot fifth and sixth months
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IMG  4597
After returning from his first trip to Italy,
IMG  4605
Eliot began his final stretch as a daycare-free baby. We watched
IMG  4604
baseball together.
IMG  4621
And my mom arrived to watch Eliot for a couple weeks before his first day of daycare,
IMG  4616
so that Ilaria could get back to work.
IMG  4624
Federico and Cecilia lent us their ExerSaucer
which brought Eliot hours of enjoyment (thanks guys!).
IMG  4628
We went to sculpture park with my mom where we found
IMG  4631
IMG  4634
and plenty
IMG  4643
IMG  4644
IMG  4651
IMG  4653
IMG  4661
Then my mom left, and it was time for Eliot's first big day of school. It's pretty scary to send a little person off to a full day of school for the first time. It was a completely unique experience going to pick him up for the first time and seeing him off on the side playing with a toy by himself without Ilaria or myself.
After many months of trying, he still couldn't really get the pacifier into his mouth unless he was extremely luck. His hand/eye mother skills were just barely good enough to get it in there, but he could figure out he needed to let go once the ciuccio was in his mouth.
He had become an expert roller-overer though.
IMG  4689
And he was starting to
IMG  4693
get into a
IMG  4712
IMG  4716
IMG  4721
IMG  4725
IMG  4746
He looked nice in the "A is for Alligator" T-shirt his Aunt Retse and cousin Ellie made.
IMG  4751
Ilaria's little boy
IMG  4760
was even starting to
laugh a little
and babble random sounds to his mobile.
IMG  4802
IMG  4806
little boy.
IMG  4811
Yummy watermelon.
IMG  4819
Hey little man
IMG  4826
how do you like your new toy?
more laughs...
IMG  4833
Growing up, up, up!
IMG  4847
And then it was time for his first
IMG  4849
solid food.
IMG  4851
Rice cereal.
IMG  4855
Food doesn't get much tastier than that.
Not a bad effort for the first time eating solid food in your life.
IMG  4864
I loved building forts when I was a kid, so to trying and create some shared interests with Eliot, I started building forts for him.
IMG  4895
Ilaria probably thought he was too little for a fort, but if you're big enough to wear my clothes, you're big enough for a fort.
IMG  4951
Look how cute my little man
IMG  4954
and my little lady are.
Hey boy, don't eat your mother. And don't eat my camera either!
IMG  4959
His expert crawling position, improved his Skyping ability.
rolling through the world and discoverying textures
He expertly sucked down his first antibiotic for his first ear-infection.
IMG  5032
The ExcerSaucer is hard work.
IMG  5047
Working together
we were becoming a team.
IMG  5065
By the time he was six months old, Eliot's mastery of the ExcerSaucer was becoming increasingly forceful.
IMG  5080
Geaux Tigers!
more laughing
IMG  5117
I've always tried to push Eliot to do things, I think he's not quite ready for. Sometimes he surprises me by doing whatever difficult task I show him on the first try.
IMG  5127
And that's how his standing at the crib game began. He loved standing up and holding onto those bars.
Before long we were moving onto more exciting foods that just rice cereal. Sometimes the new flavors were just too much for him to handle. Especially, since he hadn't learned to look at the color of the food to guess if he was going to like it or not.
IMG  5159
more laughs, this time with Gran. Before we started filming, he'd already been laughing for several minutes when I threw the Jimmy John's wrapper at him.
IMG  5171
Soon pawpaw came too and Eliot began to consistently make
word-like sounds.
IMG  5187
Gran, Pawpaw, Ilaria, Eliot and myself drove to a little cabin a lake in Kentucky (at a place called "paradise") and Eliot tried
IMG  5190
swinging for the first time
IMG  5191
and didn't like it.
IMG  5204
But he liked hanging out with his
IMG  5207
grandparents at the lake
IMG  5233
And Ilaria and I took a small adventure to see
IMG  5235
some Buffalo nearby
IMG  5236
while my folks watched
IMG  5245