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Eliot first month
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IMG  2568
When we got home and everyone was rested, there was a feeling that we should do something with our new child.

As freshly-minted parents, we weren't sure what we could do with our cute new creature besides feed him and change his diaper
IMG  2577
so we decided to show him the toys people bought him and let him try on clothes people gave him (like this outfit with a crazy hat from my sister).
IMG  2581
Looking back with 9 months of hindsight as I write this album, I understand why only the first kid in a family gets swamped with attention.
IMG  2585
At this point in his life, Eliot wanted only to eat, sleep, suck on things, and be warm.
IMG  2586
Rather than place random toys in front of him, operating under the delusion that he might reach out and play with them, I should have been trying to eat, sleep, and be warm.
IMG  2587
But despite all of the advice that flows like a tsunami from everyone that has ever been a parent,
IMG  2591
you really have to just take the advice you like the best, experience things as they come,
IMG  2594
and chart your own path.
IMG  2595
My path was trying to get Eliot to
IMG  2597
play with one of his toys.
IMG  2599
The first day at home together, Eliot and I even kegged a batch of beer I made shortly before Eliot was born.
IMG  2603
In the mail we received a fantastic edible wreath from Ben, Elissa, and Ansel.
IMG  2605
Everything was going great.
IMG  2611
Eventually reality started to sink in.

Our son wanted to eat a lot, and he had an extreme obsession with sucking on things.
IMG  2612
Thanks to Ilaria's determination and some helpful advice from her doula, Sandra, the feeding was going better than I expected. However, Eliot would go absolutely crazy wanting to suck on things, becoming extremely nervous, especially between 8PM and 3AM. To help with the breastfeeding, we decided to have zero bottles or pacifiers for 2 weeks. However, Eliot needed a pacifier badly.
IMG  2614
The only thing that seemed to soothe him between 8PM and 3AM (besides eating with his mom) was for me to do a sort of tip-toe, swinging, hip-hop dance thing while singing a walking bass line or a drum beat. If I stopped for more than 10 seconds he'd get nervous again.

Ilaria was contributing far more time, effort, and ability into Eliot than I was, so I felt the best contribution I could make was to keep doing this dance from 8PM to 3AM to try and let Ilaria sleep.

The first 30-60 minutes of my late-nite dance with Eliot were enjoyable -- I felt like I was helping the family. After that, the mix of physical exhaustion from dancing combined with a general lack of sleep really made for some rather unpleasant times where I was just wishing time away.
IMG  2616
There were some great moments. I felt really proud the first time I went to the store by myself with Eliot.
IMG  2619
It was fun to have all-together family time.
IMG  2628
Given my scientific research, I even found diaper changes to be tolerable if not fun.
IMG  2634
But there was a growing sense in our house
IMG  2635
that our lives (i.e. that of Ilaria and I) had somehow been
IMG  2642
snatched away from us
IMG  2647
with the arrival of these four little kilograms of humanity.
IMG  2651
After completing the first day with Eliot, we realized we hadn't done a single thing except take care of the little guy.
IMG  2653
And there was growing a sense of urgency that we had to find
IMG  2660
time to at least clean, shop, and eat
IMG  2665
if we planned to survive the next few days before my parents arrived.
IMG  2669
How we would ever find enough time to go back to work was unimaginable.
IMG  2670
Soon my parents arrived.
IMG  2692
A few days later, Ilaria's parents arrived.
IMG  2694
And our parents met for the first time over lunch before my folks drove back to Louisiana.
IMG  2703
It was nice to finally be able to try on all of the little clothes that had been sitting around while we waited for Eliot to come out (like this sweater made by Sabrina's mom).
IMG  2710
And my study of Eliot's belly button continued
IMG  2711
until his belly button fell off completely on his 12th day of life.
IMG  2712
The part that fell off was extremely hard. I saved it...
IMG  2715
Eliot got to see his first snow, even though it was starting to be spring.

Little by little we were learning details about Eliot. One of the first things we learned was that
IMG  2716
he hated taking a bath. He showed me this at the hospital, and repeated his show of fear/anger/disgust many times
IMG  2718
to reinforce that we should not clean him anymore.
IMG  2719
His mom tried many times to keep his hands warm with socks, but he didn't like things on his hands and he'd always be sleeping with socks on his face.
IMG  2733
Eventually he at least looked like
IMG  2735
he might be interested in his toy if only he knew how to control his arm.
IMG  2740
But for the most part,
IMG  2745
the first month was spent holding him
IMG  2752
or sleeping next him.
IMG  2756
We took Eliot and Ilaria's parents to see all of the big St. Louis sites
IMG  2757
like the arch,
IMG  2758
the arch,
IMG  2759
and the arch.
IMG  2774
Things certainly got easier after we had some parents around to help out. However, I still think the first month was one of the months of my life I'd least like to live a second time. I was very happy that everyone was healthy and doing well but 1) I felt I'd never have any free time to pursue any of my hobbies, travel with Ilaria, or work enough to get anything useful done. 2) there was almost zero positive feedback from him; sure I didn't expect any thank you, but he wasn't even going to be able to smile for a long time and the only feedback we'd get was negative. It's pretty tough to put all of the time and effort you have in a day into something that seems to be only discontented by your efforts.
IMG  2775
If it weren't for his cuteness, I'm not sure how I would have survived.
IMG  2792
Before long, Matteo arrived and we had Ilaria's entire nuclear family in the US together for the first time.
IMG  2793
Matteo and Eliot really liked each other.
IMG  2807
After Ilaria's folks left, Matteo and I went to see a
IMG  2808
Cardinals game. Matteo originally wanted to see a Blues hockey game, but by some odd streak of luck the Blues had their last game of the year with the potential to go to the playoffs and the game was sold-out (they lost anyways).
IMG  2811
Ilaria and Eliot came along too
IMG  2812
to take a walk
IMG  2815
around the arch before the
IMG  2819
game started.
IMG  2825
Like all games I go to with Matteo, it was a slug feast. The Cardinals blew out the other team. Albert Pujols hit a grand slam and a 3-run homerun! I've got to go to more baseball games with Matteo.
IMG  2834
At the end of the first month, Ilaria and I were alone with Eliot again.
IMG  2836
Eliot still didn't like his bath. But we were all surviving together.