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Eliot second month
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IMG  2840
And finally it was time. Eliot became an expert feeder, and we'd lasted the self-imposed restriction on being pacifier (ciucio) free.

The lives of our sucking-obsessed son and his two parents were forever-for-the-better.
IMG  2886
Our little man was getting bigger.
IMG  2851
But for the most part, the second month was like the first month.
IMG  2910
Before Eliot came out, I was worried I wouldn't know how to learn how best to teach him things, because he was going to need to learn so much so quickly.
IMG  2922
But I soon learned that, at least at the beginning, this fathering process is very slow.
IMG  2935
The stages come slow enough that you have time to figure out what to do.
IMG  2905
Our biggest change of the month was the sanity brought upon us all by the ciuccio
IMG  2955
But to give you a feel for how slow the beginning is. The accomplishment of the month was being able somewhat purposely reach out and touch something.
IMG  2962
I'm not talking about grabbing something, more of light graze that can take 10-15 minutes of staring at an object to accomplish. And the truth is that in those 10-15 minutes, Eliot might mistakenly bump into the object three or four times out of random reflexes before he purposely grazed it.
IMG  2996
There was still a lot of
IMG  2975
IMG  3005
He was starting to fill out his car seat.
IMG  3023
And he loved to stare at this black, white, and red rattle that we received at Ilaria's baby shower.

After 5 weeks, it was time for another big step.
IMG  3070
Drinking from a bottle for the first time (technically he drank from a bottle about 60 seconds after he left his mom's stomach because he had hypoglycemia, but this was the first time he was really going to consistently use bottles).
IMG  3073
For logistically reasons, I wasn't able to breastfeed Eliot for all of these weeks, so I was the first one to try to feed him with the bottle.

For the most part he just gave me a, 'what in the hell are you doing to me dude?' look the whole time.
IMG  3077
And almost zero milk left the bottle. Eventually I got too impatient, Eliot became frustrated with me, and I handed him to
IMG  3079
his mom.
IMG  3080
Within a few minutes she'd turned our pissed off son
IMG  3081
into a bottle drinking
IMG  3086
IMG  3091
IMG  3110
staring and touching
IMG  3113
IMG  3123
IMG  3126
looking back, the second month was unexciting
IMG  3127
but incomparably better than the first one.
IMG  3130
Before long
IMG  3134
Eliot started to even seem
IMG  3140
IMG  3142
about us
IMG  3164
the people that night and day had been caring for him. Sure he didn't seem to appreciate us, but at least he seemed to be curious to figure out who we were.

In the second month, we started to realize that still images don't sufficiently capture a growing child's development, and we began to use the movie function on our camera.
One common feature of Eliot during the first few months was a constant case of hiccups.
He could even knock a toy off his boppy pillow if you put the toy sufficiently close that he couldn't miss it.
IMG  3174
Before we had Eliot, I always wondered why parents didn't have more pictures of their kids crying, since children spend so much time doing so. I figured it was because they didn't want to capture those moments, because humans (or at least americans) are so big on happiness.

However, now that I'm raising a small human, a more obvious reason for the lack of such photos is that when the little person is screaming, your first desire is to make them be quiet, calm, and comfortable rather than looking for a camera.
IMG  3177
Which explains why we have some many,
IMG  3178
sleeping photos.
IMG  3186
IMG  3188
IMG  3191
Towards the end of the second month, our old friends from Boston: Ben, Elissa, and Ansel came to visit us.
IMG  3199
Ansel was 10 months old, so it was a fantastic glimpse at what we had coming.
IMG  3201
Ansel looked like a giant with such a vast set of skills that it was almost imaginable to me how Eliot would learn all of those things
IMG  3202
in just eight more months (but as I write this it is 9 months later, and I see it happened slowly, little-by-little, every month one more baby step).
IMG  0505
Since our friends were in town,
IMG  0503
we decided it would be a good time to get married.
IMG  0501
Liz ministered the wedding and let us have a barbecue party at her house (thanks Liz!).
IMG  0450
The ladies in my lab made a fantastic cake, there was a chocolate fountain, and a lot of people showed up (even my boss Jeff and Ilaria's boss Barak).
IMG  3205
David and Federico ran the grilling operation. It was really a nice day (though I didn't take many photos, as I was busy being the guy that just got married).
IMG  3215
It was great to have
IMG  3217
IMG  3220
and his
IMG  3229
IMG  3226
in St. Louis
IMG  3231
At the wedding barbecue, Dave refused to let us open the good champagne, so we drank it with Ben and Elissa that night with the rest of the yummy cake.
IMG  3235
Eliot was starting to look like he might be fond of us
IMG  3246
and his tired parents really needed that.
Eliot sneezed a lot. And for the first few months, it was the one complicated thing he did that looked identical to an adult. Sure it was a reflex, but I was glad to capture his complicated reflex on camera one time.
Towards the end of the first month, our almost two-month-old son, really became interested in his little lights and music toy (what Eric aptly called "kid-TV").
IMG  3298
And by the end of the second month,
IMG  3299
our sweet little boy
IMG  3319
was starting to smile at us with some consistency.
The mobile was no longer something we turned on to make sure it still worked.
IMG  3359
And he began looking like he might finally touch a toy that was above/in front of him
IMG  3389
rather than just the ones beside him.
IMG  3401
Ilaria's sweet little boy
IMG  3435
was starting to do funny things (not on purpose)
IMG  3461
IMG  3467
He predicted LSU's pretty mediocre football season.
IMG  3470
And began to appreciate the nice art Ilaria put on the wall by his changing table.
IMG  3487
At the end of the month, John and Gabriella (other friends from Boston) came to visit.
IMG  3490
John bought me Cardinals tickets for my 30th birthday. They were all inclusive tickets in the Bank of America Club. It was most fun rain out I've ever been to. We got to see few innings and then the rain started pouring. However, the tickets came with unlimited food and beer, so we stood there watching the field get wet and drank a lot of beers. Not too bad (thanks John!).