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Eliot seventh and eighth months
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IMG  5282
By the seventh month, life had developed enough of a routine that we could actually get a few things done when Eliot was awake.
IMG  5285
And Eliot was able to sleep and hold his bottle at the same time.
IMG  5297
Eliot kept
IMG  5304
practicing his standing skills
IMG  5306
while holding onto his crib.
IMG  5312
In October, we took Eliot on his first domestic flight. The Program in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology at BU (where I attended graduate school) was having a 10-year anniversary symposium and I was invited to give a talk and come hang out with all of my old friends. We left a day early and stayed at John and Gabriella's house.
IMG  5319
It was Eliot's first time in a "real" city
IMG  5321
and he seemed pretty aware that life around him was more action-packed.
IMG  5354
We took Eliot to my favorite area of Boston,
IMG  5360
which is the waterfront by the North End where Ilaria and I used to live.
IMG  5364
They look
IMG  5365
good as city
IMG  5366
IMG  5370
Then I showed Eliot my favorite spot in Boston
IMG  5375
where I ended my runs every morning
IMG  5376
and watched
IMG  5378
the boats and the airplanes.
IMG  5379
Maybe someday
IMG  5381
we can live
IMG  5384
IMG  5392
The last days, we had a hotel provided.
IMG  5394
Ilaria hung out
IMG  5400
with Eliot those days
IMG  5404
and they came to visit me sometimes at the symposium. The symposium turned out great; it was a lot of fun to see everyone again and see the exciting science folks were doing after graduate school.
If he's bothering you when you want to work, just let him eat your arm or a camera and everything will be all right.
IMG  5410
One of the nice surprises and lasting memories of the trip was that when the hotel brought a pack-in-play bed for our room they gave Eliot a "Hotel Commonwealth" teddy bear.
IMG  5418
Ilaria cleverly named the bear
IMG  5432
"Kenmore" after Kenmore Square where the hotel resides, and it is still one of Eliot's favorite things to grab when he need a little security.
IMG  5436
Boston also provided the opportunity to try out some cold weather clothes.
IMG  5448
Eliot's favorite thing to do in Boston was to stand in the window of our hotel room
IMG  5452
and watch all of the busy things happening
IMG  5454
in Kenmore Square.
IMG  5456
The quick trip to Boston was a great way to have a picture of Eliot at
IMG  5458
all of our favorite Boston spots
IMG  5462
and a few new ones.
IMG  5495
We took Eliot to see
IMG  5500
IMG  5502
IMG  5513
IMG  5517
that has one of the easiest places to take a beautiful photo.
IMG  5518
IMG  5520
It was great to be back in Boston for a bit. Then by coincidence, Andy was on the plane with us on our way back to St. Louis.
IMG  5532
Eliot was starting to be the
IMG  5533
big kid in his
IMG  5544
IMG  5545
at daycare.
IMG  5549
IMG  5564
He even moved up to his own chair at the table with us.
IMG  5575
He liked to dump all of his toys out and play with them.
IMG  5595
Ilaria took this nice picture of him standing
IMG  5596
but then she wasn't there to catch him when he fell.
IMG  5611
Eliot was big on one-hand bottle drinking.
IMG  5614
We dressed up in lots of warm clothes for the long walk to school.
IMG  5622
And he had lots of sloppy fun
IMG  5628
at his seat with us at dinner.
IMG  5635
We went took our annual
IMG  5662
apple-picking trip with
IMG  5642
Andy, Meg,
IMG  5650
and Molly
IMG  5661
IMG  5674
Then we went over to their house to have apple-pie and play.
IMG  5699
The Saylors gave Eliot a great pumpkin shirt that was designed by my niece Ellie!
With a couple pillows Eliot had his own personal, moderately safe stand-up play area.
IMG  5739
Zio Matteo bought him some crazy slippers to walk around in.
IMG  5741
warm outfits!
IMG  5755
use the force
IMG  5759
I like winter clothes
working on finding his voice.
and talking off his sock.
IMG  5769
It was Eliot's first
IMG  5805
IMG  5807
my favorite
IMG  5808
and my favorite season.
IMG  5818
He never learned to keep his gloves on.
IMG  5819
He was a giraffe for Halloween.
IMG  5833
He used sleep-sacks to keep warm
IMG  5850
in his bed.
IMG  5875
We took our giraffe to the neighborhood
IMG  5879
IMG  5882
IMG  5890
Then it was time to
IMG  5900
trick-or-treat with
IMG  5901
Molly. (We only went to one house)
IMG  5925
in the
IMG  5927
IMG  5937
Laughs at dinner.
Almost ready to crawl.
IMG  6007
All dressed up.
IMG  6017
My little intellectual.
IMG  6022
The cute outfit
IMG  6030
Giulliana and Lorenzo bought for Eliot.
IMG  6038
Eliot went to the ER for suspected meningitis = not fun.
IMG  6040
Sleeping on mamma = fun
Finally, the moment I'd been talked about every day for the first eight months of his life: CRAWLING!!!!
Everyone warned me to watch what I wish for because crawling was the beginning of non-stop watching so they don't get hurt or tear things up. For me crawling was the beginning of really feeling like a dad.
IMG  6060
Finally we could really start playing with each other.
IMG  6065
We even started providing opportunities for musical