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Ellie turns 5
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IMG  9755
In my old age, it seems like my little niece, Ellie, was just born.
IMG  9771
I remember when she learned how to walk,
when putting on her own shoes
IMG  9773
or opening a door were her new accomplishments in life.

But when I think a little harder, maybe Ellie is old.

When Ellie was born, Google wasn't a publically traded company. I hadn't met Ilaria yet, hadn't started my PhD or my postdoc. This photo album didn't exist. And Katrina hadn't destroyed all of my parents possessions yet.
IMG  9738
Given the big occasion, Ilaria and myself flew down to Orlando to partake in the
IMG  9741
IMG  9740
I spent more time playing with Gray than hanging with Ellie on her birthday.
IMG  9732
Ellie was pretty well occupied with her friends.
IMG  9733
So Gray and I
IMG  9734
played some tee ball together
IMG  9735
and ran around the playground.
IMG  9760
I also played a lot with Alexander and his sister Madeline.
IMG  9762
Alexander and I played quite a bit of baseball out in the Florida heat. And true to the way my dad taught me -- I didn't let him win.

Which is probably why he wanted to play so long, he liked to have a grown-up that was really trying for a change (or maybe he just thought if he played me long enough, I'd let him win?).
IMG  9742
True to their artistic backgrounds, Retse and Scott made a very impressive custom theme for the Hannah Montana party, including the fancy rockstar backdrop that Scott built.

Ellie was the star of the show dressed up as Hannah Montana with a princess crown.
IMG  9750
Alexander and Madeline's incredibly cute little sister, Anna, was at the party too.
IMG  9751
Overall Gray took it pretty well to see his sister receive lots of presents and not get some of his own.
IMG  9757
True to form, my father did the barbecuing.
IMG  9768
After the party, we went back to the Saylor's place.
IMG  9769
Where Gray played on the swing set.
IMG  9783
Then he went in the bounce house with Ilaria (my sister and I definitely didn't have toys like this when we were growing up!).
IMG  9785
My father cooked steaks
IMG  9786
and zucchini.
IMG  9788
And my five year old niece showed off her new presents.

Next stop kindergarten...