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Firenze Summer 2005
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Ah, the architecture of Firenze. Birthplace of the Renaissance, and for me, the most beautiful city in the world.
The first thing you notice when you get north of Rome: there aren't so many stinking scooters! Admittedly Firenze (Florence) is a much smaller city than Napoli or Roma where a bike would require considerable exercise.
We found a really nice room
outside Hotel
in a pretty nice neighborhood for only 50 euro.
My mission in Firenze was to see as many Massacio frescos as possible, since I'd never seen one (they're all in Italy). In my opinion, he really started Renaissance painting. This lawn is just in front of
santa Maria Novella
Chiesa di Santa Maria Novella where I saw the first one (but they didn't allow photography).
Firenze 2
Then Ilaria and I walked along the yellow streets of Firenze
across the river arno (which was muddier than I expected)
Maria Carmine
to a little church Santa Maria del Carmine
Maria Carmine Cloister
with my favorite cloister in Italy
capella Brancacci
Inside is the Capella Brancacci, which survives from the Renaissance and was the only part of the church not destroyed in a fire a long time ago.
The walls are filled with Masaccio frescos. Really amazing and well worth the short hike there from the city center.
Maria Carmine Cloister 2
Again I really,
Maria Carmine Cloister 3
Maria Carmine Cloister 4
Maria Carmine Cloister 5
liked the cloister.
ilaria And Jfirenze
Proof that we really were there (behind us is the Ponte Vecchio; some nice French people took the picture for us).
ponte Vecchio
Ponte Vecchio is a market where merchants have been ripping off tourists for centuries (but it is really nice to walk through).
arno 2
This is a city than makes taking nice pictures a cinch.
Jand Video
I even took some movies.
arno 3
Ok, enough of the wow / breathtaking stuff....
tourists Market
The city does have it's downsides. It is packed with americans which kinda removes the exotic Italian feel of the less traveled cities.
uffizi 1
Here's the city hall next to Gallery Uffizi, one of the most famous art museums in the world (home to the Botticelli's La Primavera and The Birth of Venus). With some insider help from Ilaria's mom we got in the next day even though they were out of time slots (you gotta know somebody to get anything done in this country)
In the background is the duomo, the great work of Brunelleschi. Unfortunately it was being restored while we were there and the other side was all covered with tarp.
On a different note, in Italy (and other European countries for that matter) you have a decision to make after you use the toilet. The size of the button you press to flush corresponds to the size of the job you did. Saving a little of the world's water, one flush at a time.
firenze Skyline 1
To finish our first day in the city, we walked to the hill on the outside of the city for some timeless views -
firenze Skyline 2
of the sun,
firenze Skyline 3
putting Firenze to sleep.
hotel Logo
For future reference, I'd stay at this place again. It was clean and had giant windows to let in fresh air. Toilet was in the room (they have some cheaper rooms without).
And they let us stash our luggage there the next day while we walked around.
We had some coconut on our walk
uffizi 2
to the uffizi.
ponte Vecchio 2
You can't take pictures inside the Gallery, but there are nice views
uffizi 3
from the balcony of the Uffizi.
The roofs remind me of the ones at LSU.
florence Sky Panarama
Finally, it was time to leave the most beautiful city I've ever been to.