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Fossanova Summer 2005
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alfredo motorcycle
Ok, I'll talk about Fossanova in a couple pictures, but first let's talk motorcycles.
matteo motorcycle
Scooters and motorcycles are very common in Italy, because they provide a decent way to squeeze your way around the overcrowded Italian roads.
matteo motorcycle 2
So I just wanted to show you Matteo's new bike.
DSCN 0019
But let's leave the Mogno house for Fossanova.
DSCN 0046
Fossanova Abbey started in late Roman times, but was mainly built in the 12th century by Cistercian monks.
fossanova 1
The abbey is currently
fossanova 2
home to Franciscans.
fossanova ilaria
We went to Fossanova, because it is just outside Priverno.
fossanova ilaria mariasunta
On the trip were Mariassunta, Ilaria,
matteo ilaria fossanova
Matteo, Fernando, and I.
fossanova 3
For being almost 1000 years old, the place looks great.
fossanova wedding
So great that these folks decided to get married there.
fossanova aquinas
The claim to fame of this Abbey, is that it is here that St. Thomas Aquinas died in 1274. He actually hung out in this room.
fossanova aquinas 2
I think this says something about that fact.
fossanova 4
The abbey is very photogenic.
fossanova 5
It makes taking nice photos
fossanova 6
really easy.
mariasunta fossanova
These are Mariassunta's old stomping grounds, not far from where she grew up, so she knew a lot about the abbey and how it had changed.
fossanova 7
They don't
fossanova 8
make em
fossanova 9
like this
fossanova 10
via appia
Finally, we took the Via Appia back home.