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Francesca Elissa and two Bens in Minneapolis
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IMG  9455
Ilaria's childhood friend, Francesca, moved to Minneapolis for graduate school in Economics around the same time that Ilaria moved to Boston for graduate work in Systems Biology. Like Ilaria, Francesca ended up with an American boyfriend, and we went to Francesca and Ben's Italian wedding in June 2007.

In the four years, they've been in the same foreign country together, Ilaria and Francesca had only met in Italy.
Elissa Ilaria
So when our friends from Boston, Elissa and Ben, told us they were having a baby shower in their hometown of Minneapolis, we decided it would be the best time to go to Minneapolis/St. Paul, because we could see two sets of friends in one spot.
Ben Cosgrove
We were really excited to see Ben and Elissa again.
IMG  9465
Elissa was looking pregnantly beautiful.
IMG  9467
Her relatives put on one heck of a brunch
IMG  9470
complete with a custom omelet service.
IMG  9472
IMG  9473
There basically had everything you could possibly think about about eating for breakfast. Eggs, cinnamon roles, fruit, and a make-your-own-waffle station.
IMG  9478
The festivities were at Elissa's family's church in St. Paul (see Elissa's moms photo album for the play-by-play).
IMG  9480
After the shower, Ilaria, Ben, and I used the Scion XD to shuttle the presents down the street to Elissa's house.
IMG  9493
Then we went for a walk
IMG  9484
while we waited for Elissa to say goodbye and thank you
IMG  9491
to all the folks at the shower.
IMG  9498
When Elissa got back, she and Ben took us on their deluxe driving tour of St. Paul.
IMG  9504
Most of my pictures from the window didn't come out so well, so I think I'll have to return some day for their walking tour.
IMG  9526
Here's where the women Gophers play hockey.
IMG  9535
Here's where they are rebuilding the I-35W Mississippi River bridge that collapsed on Aug 1, 2007. Very scary.
IMG  9541
Here's where the Minnesota Twins play baseball. According to Elissa and Ben, the roof is kept up with air pressure, so when they lower the pressure at the end of the game, everyone is pushed out of the stadium.
IMG  9543
Minneapolis/St. Paul has lots of nice bits of water.
IMG  9544
As we crossed this one (I think this is the Mississippi?), we headed to our tour of Gopher country -- the University of Minnesota.
IMG  9546
Like many important universities they have a building designed by Frank Gehry that looks like someone crapped out a mangled piece of aluminum.
IMG  9552
I believe this is the science building -- pretty nice.
IMG  9556
We saw one of the reasons Elissa would like to return to Minneapolis.

After the driving tour, we hung out at Elissa's folks house for a while, and got to meet her dad for the first time.

It was great to hang out all together again with Elissa and Ben.
IMG  9559
That evening, Ilaria and I drove back to Francesca and Ben's apartment where we were staying.
IMG  9562
They had a beautiful view from their balcony.

Ilaria and Francesca went for a walk before dinner.
IMG  9571
And I tagged along
IMG  9572
as their paparazzi.
IMG  9574
Francesca and Ben live in a great place to take a walk. The area has many loft-retro style building.
IMG  9577
The building with the giant cantilevered bridge sticking out is the new Guthrie theater.
IMG  9580
We walked a across the Stone Arch Bridge
IMG  9586
which I learned was a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark (I didn't know we had such things).
IMG  9589
It was a pretty nice
IMG  9592
stone bridge.
IMG  9594
Across the water were lots of nice restaurants.
IMG  9598
And a really neat dam/lock thing where water was just pouring in.
IMG  9600
We could see Francesca's apartment building quite well from across the water.
IMG  9602
Minneapolis was better than I expected.
IMG  9608
While I took photos, Francesca and Ilaria kept talking about important things.
IMG  9610
IMG  9617
IMG  9620
When we finished the walk it was time for some dinner,
IMG  9624
Ben grilled some tasty chicken (everyone else had fish).

It was nice to have a dinner altogether, and Ilaria was really glad that she got to see Francesca while she was still in the US (they're moving to Rome soon).
IMG  9628
On our way out of town, we had one last tourist attraction to see -- the biggest tourist attraction in Minnesota Mall of America.
IMG  9629
The main reason we went there
IKEA Minnesota
was to stop by IKEA and pick up some loot for our new apartment in St. Louis.
Scion XD blue
We arrived too early (IKEA didn't open for another hour or so),
IMG  9640
so we went into the largest mall of america (with 520 stores!).
IMG  9641
The mall is really impractically large. Like Americans with their SUVs, we make things big because we can. But really, a mall that is so large that you can find the same store twice is pretty stupid.
IMG  9643
But it killed time while we waited for IKEA to open.
IMG  9658
The strangest part of the mall trip was this gal here in a wedding dress all by herself.
IMG  9659
Folks kept stopping by to talk with her
IMG  9660
but I couldn't figure out what was going on.
IMG  9661
Finally IKEA opened up.
IMG  9662
IKEA has enough stuff inside that it kept me pretty occupied for 30 minutes or so. But then I began to really get bored and push Ilaria to hurry up.
IMG  9665
We checked out
IMG  9667
with a lot of nice stuff for our apartment.
IMG  9668
And we hit the road.
wind turbine Iowa
Alternative energy is alive and spreading on the farmlands of Iowa.
wind power Iowa
It's a little hard to drive by the miles of windmills
windmill Iowa
because their slow constant motion is hypnotizing.
red barn Iowa
Ilaria worked really hard to take a couple farm
farm Iowa
IMG  9731
Driving over 1100 miles in a short weekend was a nice way to break in our new Scion XD.
minneapolis skyline
It was a fun little trip to see Elissa, Ben, Francesca, and Ben. And we also gained a new appreciation for this nice little city out in Minnesota.