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Galicia 2006
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Here we are, Alessia and I (Ilaria) decided to go on a trip to Spain before Christmas. We would have loved to have Francesca with us too, but unfortunately she was too busy.

Destination: Santiago de Compostela, and the wonderful region of Galicia, which became famous in 2002 when the tanker Prestige sank outside these coasts, dumping about 60,000 tonnes of oil directly into the Atlantic sea.

We reserved a room for two nights in this place: Hospedaje Forest. Our room is the one with that nice little veranda.
DSCN 0530
As soon as we arrive the owner, an old lady, tells us "Ah, you are the two girls!", and leads us to our bedroom without even asking for our names. At the end of our stay we have to look for her in order to pay.
DSCN 0540
After a late dinner with paella, we go for a walk in this beautiful town, and we see the Catedral del Apostol, where the myth says Santiago Apostol (St. James) is buried. He was transported here from the Holy Land after his death and subsequently this cathedral became the goal of the famous pilgrimage Camino de Santiago. We are not here for the pilgrimage, but we are really impressesd by this church and by the Praza de Obradorio.
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The morning after we get up early (by Spanish standards ;) and after an abundant breakfast we go for a walk in this beautiful medieval town.
DSCN 0544
I try the zoom of my Dad's camera,
DSCN 0546
and we explore the corners of this little city.
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When you enter the Catedral del Apostol, you cannot help but notice the mass of gold that is stored in the altar region. The statue of the Saint is surrounded by jewels.
DSCN 0548
This is the tomb of the Saint.
DSCN 0558
We buy a ticket for the Museo de la Catedral, and we see even more gold and jewels.
DSCN 0562
We then enter the beautiful cloister,
DSCN 0559
where they bury the priests. It seems that one of them just died as they are preparing his grave stone.
DSCN 0566
We go around taking pictures of this beautiful place,
DSCN 0567
and once again i try the zoom of my camera.
DSCN 0569
There are so many subjects to photo!!!
DSCN 0574
DSCN 0591
In the Praza de Obradorio, right next to the Cathedral there is the Pazo de Xelmirez, a castle built in 1120 for a bishop. It doesn't look that good from the outside but we see it because it is included in our museum ticket.
DSCN 0583
Inside the castle is beautiful. The lack of furniture helps you appreciate its architecture. This is the Sala de Cerimonias.
DSCN 0587
And this is the kitchen.
DSCN 0580
These are the keys of the rooms of this building.
DSCN 0579
They also had a fountain!
DSCN 0592
We have a Galician lunch, Alessia has Tortillas de Patatas, and I have a really good Bocadillo con pulpo.
DSCN 0599
We then go for a walk in the Xardin de San Roque and in the Parque de San Domingos de Bonaval,
DSCN 0605
which we then realize is an old cemetery...
DSCN 0602
Well, we should have guessed that!
DSCN 0607
We then relax with a hot chocolate.
DSCN 0610
The day after we go back to the airport where we rent the smallest and cheapest car they have...
DSCN 0611
and we drive towards south. We get to Vigo, which to us is soon disappointing. We park our car and we go around this messy and polluted town looking for the old town. This is the main square, with the Igrexa de Santa Maria.
DSCN 0612
Too bad that this is the view in front of it.
DSCN 0614
We decide to leave this town and to explore the coasts. We have a quick lunch in this square where there is a very original representation of the nativity.
DSCN 0615
We go back north, but we don't take the highway, we decide to drive along the coast. We pass Cangas, Hio, Marin, Combarro, Sanxenxo and other towns. The view gets better and better and we decide that after all the day can still be good.
DSCN 0616
Time for a picture of the two of us,
DSCN 0619
and then we go to this Church in the middle of nowhere: the Monasteiro de Poio, a benedict monastery which we can visit.
DSCN 0622
Gold again.
DSCN 0625
Through the beautiful cloister,
DSCN 0633
we get to the exhibition of the smallest printed books in the world.
DSCN 0630
And this is the smallest one, 3.5 x 3.5 mm.
DSCN 0635
We keep driving until we are tired, which happens in this small town called Noia. We stop and get a room and then we go for a walk, discovering another beautiful medieval town.
DSCN 0640
We really liked this cat trying to sleep in the warmth of that lamp.
DSCN 0649
Before leaving the next morning, we go for another walk.
DSCN 0656
The tide is down, too bad for the picture,
DSCN 0655
but the town has a lot to offer,
DSCN 0653
even a very rural farmers' market,
DSCN 0659
where you can find fruits, vegetables, cheese, eggs, and... chickens!
DSCN 0663
We keep going North, driving along the Costa da Morte, much less touristic than the Rias Baixas we explored yesterday.
DSCN 0664
We stop to see this beautiful beach.
DSCN 0665
DSCN 0666
DSCN 0668
Until we reach the Western point of Spain: Cabo Fisterra.
DSCN 0669
The Atlantic ocean is unbelievably calm.
DSCN 0670
I was amazed to see these fishermen going out with these little boats.
DSCN 0672
We keep going North, to A Coruna, a modern city whose only thing is worth seeing is the Torre de Hercules. After a complicated maneuver to exit the city we head South, to Lugo.
DSCN 0674
Lugo is another really nice medieval town,
DSCN 0678
surrounded by these roman walls, the best preserved of their kind in Spain.
DSCN 0680
Last step before going back to Santiago Airport: this little castle in the middle of nowhere which took us almost an hour to find.

In the end it has been a very relaxing, interesting and intense vacation. The only bad thing has been our incapacity of understanding Galician times ;)