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Halloween 2005
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mbta Commuter Rail
Jason, Jeff (Jason's brother from St. Louis), Ilaria, and I took the commuter rail
salem Sign
to Salem, MA.
salem Sign 2
Boston is the best spot in the country for Independence Day. But the best place (or at least the most crowded place) for Halloween is Salem.
salem Sign 3
Year round the city relies heavily on its witch burning past to attract tourists.
(they executed 19 people in the 1690's and the witch trials became famous with Arthur Miller's The Crucible.)
salem Cemetery
But they don't have to try to hard to attract tourists at Halloween, when even the cemeteries are crowded.
salem witch museum
And forget about going to the Salem Witch Museum on Halloween unless you like queuing
(we tried but gave up after we learned that the front of this line gets you a ticket but then you have to wait in a second line to get in)
salem Church
Like all New England towns, they have the obligatory cute churches.
salem ship
And like many New England coastal towns they have an old pirate-style ship.
salem lighthouse
We walked out to the little lighthouse
salem bench
and gave our feet a rest.
dragon costume
Over the course of the day, we saw dragon kids,
devil dog
devil dogs,
halloween coffin
and costumes with very large accessories.
religious fanatics
And like any great halloween party, there were plenty of religious fanatics
religious fanatics 2
to tell us our make-believe reserves us a nice place in hell.
indian Sculpture
Jason and Jeff went back to Boston (Jeff had to catch his flight), but Ilaria and I stayed to visit the very nice Peabody Essex Museum. This is my favorite piece in the museum.
sculpture Head
And Ilaria posed with me before we went back home to Boston.