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Iceland in winter Day5 Borgarvirki, Glaumbaer, and Godafoss
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IMG  8384
We left our cabin at Daeli
icelandic horses near Borgarvirki
and headed up a dirt road that led to Borgarvirki (a natural fortress);
icelandic horses
I liked the Icelandic horses we passed along the way.
IMG  8405
The road up the mountain was pretty icy
IMG  8408
but had great views
IMG  8411
of the nearby
IMG  8412
IMG  8413
The road got narrower
IMG  8415
and narrower
IMG  8417
and by the top of the mountain, the road was covered in thick ice.
IMG  8418
The clouds, mountains, and sun gave everything a heavenly look.
IMG  8419
So many colors...
IMG  8420
IMG  8424
IMG  8426
Going up the last hill we could see the fortress in the distance.
It does look like a pretty good fortress, but I think you'd also be safe here a thousand years ago even without the fortress part, because you'd be the only one with a horse fit enough to make it up the icy mountain.
IMG  8430
Our little Suzuki rental car made it up the mountain to one of those spots you normally see on TV commercials.
IMG  8431
IMG  8432
IMG  8433
IMG  8434
IMG  8441
IMG  8444
IMG  8446
IMG  8447
It was cold up there
IMG  8448
so we
IMG  8449
left the fortress,
IMG  8453
took one last
IMG  8457
Suzuki commercial photo
iceland Panaramo
and one last panorama.
IMG  8458
On the way back down the mountain, I wanted to take a quick movie of the horses that I liked on the way up.
IMG  8459
Ilaria photographed me filming the horses.
IMG  8460
Some of the horses took a liking to me
IMG  8461
and came close for a visit.
IMG  8462
I was really happy to have made
IMG  8463
friends with some Icelandic horses.
IMG  8466
I said goodbye to my horse friends
IMG  8467
and we headed back to the Ring Road.
IMG  8469
Here's a mountain with a cloud toupe.
IMG  8470
The sky wasn't sunny, but we were very excited to have snow/ice-free roads where we could see more than 50 yards in front of us.
IMG  8473
It was a great day for driving
IMG  8474
and we made good time while enjoying the ever changing Icelandic scenery.
IMG  8478
Ilaria was obsessed with trying to take a photo of the winter-wrapped hay.
IMG  8484
I was obsessed with trying to take a photo of every random little church we passed.
IMG  8489
More hay,
IMG  8491
a few trees (not too common in Iceland),
IMG  8494
and another church.
IMG  8496
Then we stopped at
turf roof church iceland
Vimri Turf Church -- a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.
grass roof church iceland 2
Pretty neat.
grass roof church iceland 3
grass roof church iceland 4
Until the turn of the 19th century many Icelandic houses were built like this.
grass roof church iceland 5
Vimri still has an active church congregation, but I can't imagine too many folks can fit inside at once.
grass roof church iceland 6
After a little more driving we arrived
Map of Iceland day 5  1
at Glaumbaer.
Glaumbaer 2
Glaumbaer has one of the largest collections of the old turf houses. These were farmhouses from the 18th century.
Turf houses were built back then, because there weren't enough trees and the little available imported wood was sparingly used for the main structure of the house.
IMG  8525
It was really windy
IMG  8527
and starting to hail,
IMG  8528
so we snapped a couple
IMG  8530
IMG  8531
IMG  8536
and left
Glaumbaer sign
IMG  8537
We passed a lot of these black canyon things along the way, and I really liked them.
IMG  8540
This house has a nice view, but must be pretty far from the nearest store.
Map of Iceland day 5  2
After the terrible driving conditions from the previous day, we decided we wanted to rent a cellphone, so if we slid off the road, we could call someone to pull us out. We stopped in Akureyri (the largest city in the North and Iceland's 2nd largest urban area population = 17000) to pick one up from our rental car company.
IMG  8543
Towards the end of the day, the weather started to worsen, but it was nothing compared to what we'd experienced the previous day.
IMG  8550
Just a little snow.
Map of Iceland day 5  3
We stopped at Godafoss.
IMG  8552
Godafoss Iceland
There were only two other people at the waterfall. They both had big fancy cameras and looked like they'd been taking some serious photos all day.
IMG  8554
It was a little too cold for us to hang out there very long,
IMG  8555
so I hiked back up
IMG  8556
from the waterfall
IMG  8558
and we snapped a couple
IMG  8559
couple shots
IMG  8560
and hit the Ring Road where we shortly met
IMG  8561
my favorite vehicle in Iceland: the super-Icelandic-snowplow.
IMG  8566
We passed a random airport in the middle of nowhere. Iceland has surprisingly many of these.
IMG  8568
We left the Ring Road to head up to the whale watching village of Hsavk. If we'd had known the road there was going to be 30km of ice we might of decided against it.
IMG  8571
But we slipped and slid our way
IMG  8577
to the town.
IMG  8578
My personal goal in the town was to find a place to buy some beer.
IMG  8581
We found a gas station where I proceeded to try and buy a tasty barley-and-hops beverage.
Husavik centre
Ilaria warned me that Iceland might be like Sweden where it's hard to buy beer. And when I went to purchase the beer, the gas station attendant said, "I wouldn't drink that" (seems the only beer they are allowed to sell in gas stations are close to being non-alcoholic). He gave us directions to the
IMG  8573
Just like in Sweden (according to Ilaria who lived in Sweden for 6 months), the alcohol stores in Iceland
vinbud inside
feel a little bit like a pharmacy inside.
Map of Iceland day 5  4
We left Hsavk
IMG  8590
and headed to our
IMG  8595
farmhouse in
IMG  8594
where we bought a hot meal at the neighboring hotel
Map of Iceland day 5  5
and rested up for the next day.