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Iceland in winter Day6 Myvatn, boiling mud, and more windy mountain driving
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IMG  8601
We began the day
STA  8618
by driving around
IMG  8604
the crater
IMG  8607
and lava filled
iceland Pana Day 6
landscape of
IMG  8609
IMG  8614
Like every day on our drive around island
IMG  8615
the scenery was something unique
IMG  8616
but still contained the black-lava background topped with fresh snow that we'd seen all trip.
IMG  8625
We went off the beaten-path to a 4WD road that led
IMG  8631
to a little park
IMG  8633
we started to walk around in the park, but quickly got too cold and headed back to the
IMG  8635
IMG  8637
where the icy hill that Ilaria slid us up to get to the park still awaited us (thankfully going down that sheet of ice was less adventurous than climbing it).
IMG  8639
IMG  8643
IMG  8647
IMG  8648
We backtracked a little past the hotel we ate at the previous nite.
IMG  8651
And headed
IMG  8652
around the lake clockwise.
IMG  8654
IMG  8656
Now Iceland driving veterans, we welcomed the constant snow powder blowing across the road.
IMG  8661
And soon
IMG  8664
we met our first
Iceland sheep
IMG  8667
Map of Iceland day 6  1
Then we stopped in Reykjahlid for some fuel
Iceland hamburger
and a burger.
IMG  8681
Don't ask me what the weird mayo replacement is on my burger, but it was pretty tasty.
IMG  8682
They also substitute cucumbers for pickles.

Reykjahlid is actually a pretty important place to refuel, because the next place with food and gas is more than 100 km away across one of the least habitable areas on the Ring Road (there are no towns in the mountainous stretch).
IMG  8687
We made a stop at Námafjall Hverir,
IMG  8688
which was one of my favorite stops on the trip.
IMG  8689
This is one of the places where the geothermal activity is right at the Earth's crust.
IMG  8690
Similar to Yellowstone National Park
IMG  8691
but unlike a typical day at Yellowstone
IMG  8694
we were alone in exploring these
IMG  8696
boiling mud pots.
IMG  8698
I was completely captivated by the mud boiling right in the middle of a snow-filled landscape.
IMG  8700
And with Ilaria and I being the only ones there,
IMG  8702
it felt like we were exploring a different planet.
IMG  8703
This was by far the most bizarre piece of nature I've ever seen in my life.
IMG  8704
It was some kinda vent-like thing that had formed; I filmed it for a long time completely baffled by the hissing piece of earth that looked
IMG  8705
straight out of Star Wars.
IMG  8706
The boiling mud marked the last fun part of the drive for a while, as we learned why no one lives along this 100 km stretch of Iceland.
IMG  8707
We crossed this
IMG  8708
bridge and were shortly in the worst weather of the trip.
IMG  8710
The visibility was similar to when Ilaria was driving on our previous horrible weather day (somewhere between 20 and 70 meters), only it was 3x as far that we had to drive to get out of it. The wind was just something I had never experienced before. I was the lucky driver this time and I couldn't believe how much the wind was pushing the Suzuki around the icy road.
IMG  8711
To remind us that this was not a normal way to live and that it really was dangerous, we saw one car stuck on the side of the road and another that had slid on a steeper part of the mountain, flipped upside down, all dented up with shattered windows, and clearly it had happened very recently because there wasn't a drop of snow on the car.

I couldn't imagine living like this; but the thing that amazed me the most were how hard the Iceland road crews worked to maintain the roads at even this shitty condition. Every 50 meters on the road there are yellow markers (you can see one on the right and barely see another two in the distance). When it gets windy/snowy like this those yellow markers are what keeps you alive. You just search for the next marker and when you get close enough to see it, you can make sure you stay on the road. When it gets really windy sometimes one or two of the markers will be missing (I guess they fly away). Out in this worst-of-the-worst conditions, we saw the Iceland road crews pounding new ones back in. It was so windy that they were laying down to keep from drifting all over the place. The snow must have been beating the crap out of them. All of this putting your life at risk to maintain a mobile economy.
IMG  8712
After about 40 minutes,
IMG  8713
the worst of it was over;
IMG  8715
the Icelandic people must be a strong culture to live with this everyday. As a tourist it was a nerve-wracking thrill ride, but as a way of life -- not for me.
IMG  8719
When we arrived in Egilsstağir, I felt I'd burned enough energy on the crazy drive to earn one of the most cherished Icelandic delicacies: the bacon wrapped hot dog.
IMG  8720
I still find it funny that one of Iceland's most common quick foods is a hot dog from a gas station.
IMG  8722
We headed to
Map of Iceland day 6  2
Hallormsstağur, which is the largest forested area in Iceland.
IMG  8726
Forest aren't really common in Iceland (this is the only one we saw and we had to go out of our way to see it),
IMG  8742
but apparently Iceland originally had lots of forests that were removed for lumber and to prepare the land for farms.
IMG  8748
The forest also contained
IMG  8753
a large
IMG  8757
frozen lake.
IMG  8758
we really liked these
IMG  8759
blue ice chunks.
IMG  8760
IMG  8764
IMG  8769
Then we drove to our farmhouse
IMG  8772
in Egilsstağir.
Map of Iceland day 6  3
IMG  8777
This was a giant farmhouse/hotel that clearly has a lot of visitors in the summer. Ilaria and I had the place to ourselves; the owner was nice enough to allow us to use their fancy commercial-scale kitchen.
IMG  8779
A hot pasta was great after the long day.
IMG  8781
And a beer as a nite cap. This Kaldi beer gets my award for best-beer in Iceland.