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Iceland in winter Day7 fjords, glaciers, icebergs, and seals
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IMG  8784
We woke up on our seventh day in Iceland to find there'd been a big snow storm the previous nite.
IMG  8786
We dusted the snow off the Suzuki,
IMG  8788
took a couple last pics of the farmhouse we stayed in
IMG  8790
IMG  8791
snowy road iceland
and hit the road.
IMG  8796
Driving on the fresh snowy roads
IMG  8801
was a thousand times better than the icy and slush roads of the previous day.
IMG  8805
Our original reversal from counterclockwise to clockwise around the Ring Road on our second day in Iceland set us back a little bit.
IMG  8808
So on the seventh day it was crucial that we make up some ground
IMG  8816
if we were to get back to Reykjavik in time for our flight home.
IMG  8817
Luckily the 7th day began with sunny weather and gorgeous scenery.
IMG  8821
And I took the best snow plow
IMG  8822
IMG  8823
of the trip.
Map of Iceland day 7  1
The first part of our trip took us along several fjords.
IMG  8824
We drove straight through the first fjord.
IMG  8829
The remaining fjords didn't have tunnels, so we had to drive along the windy coast.
IMG  8834
Slower than a tunnel,
IMG  8837
but much more beautiful.
IMG  8838
One of my favorite things about Iceland is that they maintain a mobile economy despite the harsh terrain and weather.
IMG  8839
Trucks are constantly delivering even on snowy roads or during storms. Everything is just slightly modified. The semis have larger and more tires. The buses are much higher off the ground and also have more tires. And the snow plows are gigantic.
IMG  8846
As we drove along the fjords
IMG  8852
it began warming up,
IMG  8854
we saw sea birds for the first time,
IMG  8857
and the snow began to melt
IMG  8862
IMG  8866
the roads.
IMG  8868
Driving along the
IMG  8876
western coastline of Iceland
IMG  8879
was really something special.
Djupivogur church
We stopped in Djúpivogur for a bite to eat.
Djupivogur harbor
And found a nicely set
Djupivogur boats
little town.
IMG  8897
Back on the road, we saw our first (and last) reindeer of the trip.
IMG  8901
We continued along the Ring Road
IMG  8905
past lots of old farmhouses
IMG  8908
and past our first glacier in west Iceland.
IMG  8913
It was the closest we'd come so far to a glacier.
IMG  8916
A short drive later,
IMG  8921
we arrived at Jökulsárlón, which is a glacial lake formed from the biggest glacier in Iceland, Vatnajökull.

The lake is full of icebergs that have broken off the glacier and become trapped in the lake. There were also many seals in the lake.
IMG  8922
It was the first time we'd seen an iceberg and the first time I'd seen a seal in the wild.
IMG  8926
I made some videos of the seals,
IMG  8928
while Ilaria
IMG  8935
photographed the scenery.
IMG  8942
We both liked that our footprints in the snow around the glacier were blue.
IMG  8949
At Jökulsárlón, we also met Kobe and Sarah -- two German tourists that we would repeatedly bump into for the rest of our trip.
Map of Iceland day 7  2
As we drove on,
IMG  8953
we noticed a subtle change in the landscape
IMG  8957
as the snow cover thinned
IMG  8962
to give us our first glimpse of Iceland's vegetation.
IMG  8963
And we vowed to come back in the summertime to see the green version of Iceland.
IMG  8995
Then we found a little gravel road off the Ring Road that allowed us to drive right up to the
IMG  9020
STB  9017
(another part of the Vatnajökull glacier).
glacier Pana Iceland
There were actually two parts of the glacier coming down on opposite sides of a giant rock/mountain.
IMG  9025
The blue glacier
IMG  9026
looked like waves that had been frozen
IMG  9028
in time.
IMG  9033
When we went back to our Suzuki, we saw that our Suzuki had a twin. The twin Suzuki was rented by Kobe and Sarah.
IMG  9039
Just to remind us that the weather can never be nice for too long in Iceland,
IMG  9043
we were pummeled with a giant snow storm as we made our way towards
IMG  9047
Hotel Laki near Kirkjubćjarklaustur.
IMG  9048
The hotel/farmhouse was just renovated and was the nicest place
IMG  9049
we stayed on the trip. They even had a sauna and a hot tub.
Map of Iceland day 7  3
It was a long day of driving with pretty good weather, and unless we were hit with a blizzard that lasted more than 48 hours we were almost certain to complete the Ring Road and make our flight back to the US on time.