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Iceland in winter Day8 waterfalls, black sand beaches, and Reykjavik
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IMG  9067
We awoke to a beautiful sky
IMG  9068
and a big breakfast at
IMG  9069
Hotel Laki.
IMG  9070
Although Hotel Laki provided basically the same breakfast items we'd had the entire trip, everything was fresher and tastier; particularly the breads.
IMG  9074
I would imagine this is one happening place in the summer.
IMG  9078
But in the winter it was only Ilaria, myself, and a couple other guests.
IMG  9081
Our goal for the day was to
IMG  9089
make our way back to Reykjavik where we could drop off the rental car.
IMG  9092
This being the end of a long trip filled with bad roads and fierce weather, we were happy to find a sunny sky, not too much ice on the road,
IMG  9099
and a great
IMG  9100
IMG  9101
snow plow
IMG  9102
IMG  9104
the snow away.
IMG  9105
But even on a nice day
IMG  9108
you can end up
IMG  9109
sliding off the road in Iceland.
IMG  9112
We stopped for some petrol.
IMG  9118
And I took the opportunity to photograph an Icelandic snow plot up-close; look how it towers over the gas pumps.

We also bumped into
IMG  9120
Kobe and Sarah!
IMG  9123
Since there are only a few sites in most areas and usually only one gas station per town, I guess I shouldn't be surprised we kept bumping into each other, but it still felt uncanny.

From the few brief conversations we had, I really liked them both, so I hope we bump into each other some other time in some other part of the world...
IMG  9125
After Ilaria made a perfect
IMG  9149
snow angel. Kobe and Sarah recommended we
IMG  9127
walk to the
IMG  9126
IMG  9130
How beautiful is a black sand beach
IMG  9134
with snow
IMG  9132
and footprints...
IMG  9137
IMG  9138
IMG  9142
IMG  9145
IMG  9151
We hit the Ring Road and stopped at Skógafoss -- one of the many waterfalls on the way back,
Skogafoss rainbow
and Ilaria showed her superior
IMG  9157
rainbow photographing skills.
IMG  9163
The next waterfall
IMG  9166
was less impressive
IMG  9167
and we'd had enough waterfalls by this time.
IMG  9168
We stopped in Selfoss to buy our most expensive tank of gas of the trip ($70).
IMG  9171
After a quick stop at an American establishment
IMG  9182
We made our way back to Reykjavik.
IMG  9170
Our Suzuki Vitara
IMG  9186
had served us well
IMG  9260
on our over 2700 kilometer trip around Iceland.
Map of Iceland day 8  1
IMG  9191
We spent the afternoon walking around the city,
IMG  9200
relieved that we'd made it around the Ring Road
IMG  9201
without totaling the Suzuki
IMG  9202
or ourselves.
IMG  9225
We knew that Iceland in the winter was going to be an adventure.
IMG  9226
But it surpassed our expectations of how adventurous and potentially dangerous the winter life of Icelanders can be.
IMG  9230
But they certainly
IMG  9207
have an
IMG  9205
amazingly beautiful country.
IMG  9247
That night we left our hotel (Eric the Red; not the best hotel of the trip),
IMG  9248
and headed down Burgerjoint road to
IMG  9256
IMG  9250
to get some tasty
IMG  9252
fresh fish for dinner (and not too expensive either).
IMG  9257
The only disappointment of the trip was that we never saw the Northern lights. Most nights were too cloudy and the nites with clear skies had no Northern lights. In a final attempt, we woke up in the middle of the night, drove out of the city to a dirt road where it was completely dark (and scary to Ilaria), but alas the Northern lights would not reveal themselves to us on this trip.