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Iceland in winter Day9 going home
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IMG  9264
Our last day in Iceland, we just walked around Reykjavik. We had a look at a market
IMG  9265
where I decided one last time
IMG  9266
not try to the dried fish that we found throughout Iceland.

Having made it through this great adventure unscathed, I became emboldened and suggested to Ilaria that to top of this amazing adventure filled vacation, we'd have to try Greenland next time. Ilaria said no way.
IMG  9267
But we at least got a small taste of Greenland as we flew back to Boston.
IMG  9268
If we thought Iceland was great for it's pure tourist-free beauty.
IMG  9269
Imagine what we'd find in Greenland, where you have to move from town to town by plane or helicopter. Now that's an adventure...