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Impact Factor first and last gig
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impact factor jazz
I formed a little jazz group with 3 fellow scientists. We were tentatively/temporarily called Impact Factor.

(the pictures for this album were taken by Ilaria and Ludivine; Ludivine's pictures can also be found on Julien's site)
david lorenz
David Lorenz played a sweet guitar, contrary to the popular play-it-louder-faster thing amongst rocker dudes. He really knew his way around a chart.
nick guido
Nick Guido was one of the best groove-playing bass players I've played with, and he could match most guitar players with his ability to play fast when appropriate.
julien penders
Julien Penders was our Belgium rock-drumming import that quickly learned his way around a jazz trap set.
jeremiah faith
And I played the trumpet as best I could.
gig 1
Although we practiced the least of any band I've played in, the talent level was amongst the highest, so the resulting music quality wasn't too bad at all.
gig 2
Our first gig was the Gardner/Collins lab Christmas party.

(I should also mention that Tim Gardner our boss held a raffle for charity; David won the 3rd place tickets to the Tomb puzzle show, I won the 2nd place AMC movie passes, and Ilaria won the 1st prize iPod 2GB nano!)
gig 3
But good things don't always last. After the gig, we switched over to be more of a funk band and were just beginning to record some pretty cool home-grown tunes, when we were forcibly removed from our practice space by an anti-Feyerabendist believed to be of Eastern European descent. We couldn't afford a proper practice space and Julien eventually had to go back to Belgium. But it was fun and, at least for me, worth the time to dust off the old instrument and make a little coordinated noise.