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Italy Christmas 2007
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IMG  6731
Ilaria and I spent Christmas 2007 in her hometown of Latina.
Ilaria with Micra car
It was nice to see the little Micra,
beach Latina Italy
the beach,
sport  85 latina
and Sport'85 again.
IMG  6765
IMG  6770
It was also nice to have some Italian food for every meal.
Fernando Mogno pasta
Fernando prepared a pasta
IMG  6771
full of shellfish.
Mariassunta Dalessio polenta
And Mariassunta
IMG  6929
made one of my favorites:
IMG  6933
with sausages
IMG  6938
and (optionally) parmigiano.
IMG  6939
One of our small adventures in this Italy trip was to see the baptism of a little girl (Isabella) we knew from Boston.
IMG  6941
Isabella is the daughter of Emanuele and
IMG  6948

On this trip I learned that Italian churches don't really have heat in the winter. So everyone stands around the cold-humid church with a coat on.
When we got back from the baptism, it was time for some homemade gnocchi
IMG  6954
with a spicy red sauce.
IMG  6957
Then I got to help Fernando with the wine
IMG  6965
on the vineyard and olive grove of Armando.
olive trees
IMG  6975
I really want to help pick and crush the grapes one day, but that's done in September.
IMG  6978
In December the wine was close to ready, so we transferred some of it to take back to the house where it will be ready to drink in the spring.

We didn't have an efficient system of moving the wine from the giant container to the smaller containers. So we filled this little jug over-and-over
IMG  6981
and poured it into Fernando's larger storage containers.
IMG  6984
It took quite a while to fill them all up, but it was fun to pour so much wine.
IMG  6991
We carried the heavy wine jugs
IMG  6996
and packed them into Fernando's car
IMG  6997
wherever there was some space.
IMG  6998
I decided I need to buy Armando a real baseball cap. I just don't know what size his head is.
IMG  7003
Late that nite Ilaria and I met up with the Latina crew for some conversation.
Aldo Ilaria Alessandro
You know everyone's getting old, when the longest conversation of the nite was about investing, banks, and credit cards.
Ilaria Matteo
I figli.
IMG  7007
More tasty
IMG  7008
IMG  7009
Like my previous Italian Christmas, we went to Lino and Maria Rita's (Fernando's sister) house for Christmas Eve.
IMG  7010
IMG  7011
The brother/sister team cooked
IMG  7014
and served a typical multi-course Italian meal.
Fernando Mogno fish
On christmas eve in Italy, it's tradition to have fish as the only meat. Italian's cook the fish and then clean it.
IMG  7019
We also had some giant shrimp.
IMG  7021
Fernando cleaned the meat off the fish.
IMG  7024
And his mom cleaned the remaining scraps after he was done (apparently she learned to do this during the war when you had to eat every last bit of every meal)
IMG  7025
My favorite part of the meal was the non-traditional sausage and potatoes.
IMG  7026
For dessert we had christmas cake from Napoli (struffoli)
IMG  7029
and some Cannoli,
IMG  7030
freshly stuffed
IMG  7028
by Ilaria and Maria Rita.
IMG  7031
Then everyone opened the presents.
IMG  7037
The next day
Matteo Mogno
Matteo drove us to Priverno to the Christmas get together amongst the D'Alessio family (Ilaria's mom's family).
IMG  7044
They were cooking the sausages in the fireplace.
IMG  7046
We had hen-broth soup with egg pasta,
IMG  7047
IMG  7048
IMG  7049
and buffalo stew.
IMG  7051
Ilaria's mom read some sort of traditional Italian writing (her mom really wanted someone to read it),
IMG  7053
and then it was time for some cake.
Italian cake
The birthday of Ilaria's cousin Tommaso is near christmas, so we ate the cake for his birthday. Italian cakes are usually really good (much better than American ones),
IMG  7057
and this cake was no exception.
IMG  7058
IMG  7056
IMG  7059
After the meal, Mariassunta brought the coffee around to everyone.
IMG  7060
Then we went on a field trip to
IMG  7062
Kitty's (Ilaria's aunt) new apartment.
IMG  7065
The top floor had this fantastic Italian-landscape view.
IMG  7067
Pretty soon Kitty might give up doctoring for poetry with a view like this.
IMG  7075
Back at the house folks were opening presents
IMG  7077
and just hanging out.
IMG  7083
Then Ilaria, Fernando, Felicetto, and myself went out for a walk around Priverno
IMG  7090
We walked around quite a while looking for the house that
IMG  7092
Ilaria's mother grew up in.
IMG  7093
Along the way we bumped into Ilaria's great aunt. I would've thought it a completely improbable event to see (and recognize) a distant relative on a walk through a small town, but that's Italy...
IMG  7105
Driving in these little towns must've been better in the horse days. It's nice when someone parks their car to block half of a narrow tunnel, but that's Italy too...
IMG  7408
This is a note too myself, so I can remember to buy some Zibibbo desert wine for when guests come over.
IMG  7409
After Christmas, Ilaria and I took a quick trip to Vienna. When we got back, Mariassunta cooked a potato pizza
IMG  7410
and a classic pizza (including a portion with no cheese for me).
IMG  7411
Then it was time to pack
IMG  7412
our bags
Alps from airplane
and fly back (over the Alps) to Boston.