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Italy Summer 2009
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After passing the three-month mark, it was time for Eliot's first flight. To start him off with a bang, we figured a 5000 mile journey to Italy was the way to go. We had a brief simulation of confining Eliot to a carseat for 10+ hours when we took him to my folks house to meet his cousins.
IMG  3852
But now it was time for the real deal. We dressed him up in an airplane shirt (which the flight attendants really liked). While waiting for the plane we put a blanket across a few chairs to serve as a play area.
IMG  3860
We got him strapped in the plane in St. Louis. After sitting there for half-an-hour, they told us there was a problem with the plane, which they were trying to fix; they let people off that wanted to wait outside the plane. Ilaria had something she needed to do, so she left only to find she wouldn't be let back in (after she told them her baby was on board, they changed their mind).

Eventually, we all had to get off the plane, they fixed it; and then thanks to Ilaria (she found out the plane was fixed and went to get a gate agent to let everyone on the plane), we left for Detroit 2hr late.

That gave us less than 30 minutes to catch our connection to Italy. They let us off the plane first and we ran for our terminal. Ilaria went by herself to hold the plane and I carried the bags and pushed Eliot. By the time we got to the gate I thought I might throw-up I'd run so hard. The flight was late, we made it with plenty of time and Eliot slept most of the way to Italy.
IMG  3868
After taking a day to sort out our jet-lag (Eliot did very well with jetlag), we took Eliot to meet his great grandparents from Fernando's side of the family (bisnonno and bisnonna).
IMG  3873
Zio Matteo came along to help out.
IMG  3878
Ilaria's parents had just bought a house on the beach in Latina.
IMG  3880
This was our first chance to see it. It was a nice place
IMG  3885
to play and relax with Eliot.
IMG  4050
When I returned from a language course in Genova, all of Mariassunta's family came over for a big meal.
IMG  4054
We even had champagne
IMG  4057
to celebrate the arrival of new family member Eliot.
IMG  4062
Eliot really liked the beach house.
IMG  4070
We brought over this new chair from the US for him to sit in. It was similar to a bouncy chair so he could play in the chair too.
Eliot slept really well with the sea and the scooters in the background (here he is pretending to suck on his ciuccio).
IMG  4092
He liked all of the attention he got from his grandparents (nonno and nonna).
IMG  4101
After he was comfortable with the beach house, we took him down for his first trip to the sea. At first he was curious to see and feel the moving water and the sand
IMG  4102
but then he decided he didn't like it.
IMG  4103
The found the texture of sand under his feet interesting but to foreign to enjoy.
IMG  4105
It was much better to hang out above the ground with mamma.
IMG  4115
The beach house
IMG  4120
has a huge balcony, which is great for having company over for dinner.
IMG  4123
They can even park their fancy cars across the street.
IMG  4126
We had a dinner one nite with Giuliana and Lorenzo, friends of Ilaria's parents.
IMG  4133
Every nite,
IMG  4155
we had dinner on the balcony of the beach house
IMG  4157
and watched the sunset with the moon over Monte Circeo.
IMG  4190
One thing that surprising me was how Italians are very much against having wind touch a baby. The entire trip people were obsessed with preventing Eliot from being in the wind or even by a draft from a window inside.
IMG  4192
But despite the wind
IMG  4194
IMG  4196
was fine.
IMG  4200
Another trip to the beach
IMG  4201
IMG  4204
IMG  4207
perhaps not. He'll like the beach next summer when he is bigger.
IMG  4208
One of my favorite parts of the trip
IMG  4213
was eating fresh fried seafood from a pescheria (fish market) down the street.
IMG  4216
I was surprised that in Italy they fry the shrimp with the skin on it. When you peel the shrimp you end up removing all of the tasty crispy stuff. But it was still very good.
IMG  4223
This time Ilaria held Eliot at the beach
IMG  4229
IMG  4230
IMG  4234
It's just warmer and more secure
IMG  4235
to be held by your family.
IMG  4238
At the beach house, Eliot took his baths in the sink.
IMG  4243
We had a bbq with more of Ilaria's parents friends. Giuliana came an hour early to give me an Italian lesson. She was an Italian teacher (to middle school students) for many years. I learned more about how to use Italian grammar in the few short lessons with her than in my entire Italian course in Genova. She is a very good teacher.
IMG  4257
Eliot spent quality time learning programming with me.
IMG  4258
This particular bug I was fixing
IMG  4259
was just too much
IMG  4260
for him.
IMG  4261
Bug fixed!
IMG  4263
IMG  4271
can wear
IMG  4273
a little boy
IMG  4281
Eliot was starting to be able to move consistently if he had something too push off of. But still wasn't close to crawling
IMG  4294
or reading.
IMG  4298
We timed our trip, so that we could attend the wedding
IMG  4300
IMG  4314
Aldo and Laura.
IMG  4302
IMG  4311
I was amazed by the number of saints we asked to pray for us. We went through the list one at a time.
IMG  4327
After the wedding a car
IMG  4331
IMG  4333
a driver (Alessandro) were ready for the new
IMG  4335
bride and groom.
IMG  4337
IMG  4338
IMG  4339
IMG  4340
IMG  4361
After the wedding, we went to pick up Eliot on
IMG  4362
our way to the
IMG  4365
reception in Nettuno (in keeping with Italian tradition, the reception was nowhere near the church where the wedding was held; though this wasn't quite as extreme as the wedding of Ben and Francesca).
IMG  4372
Wearing his fancy outfit in the stroller on the way to the reception, Eliot took a poop. Italian diapers are not nearly as good as American diapers at keeping poop from shooting out the top and onto their back. I smelled poop and took Eliot to change his diaper. The changing table was in an ackward place in the entrance to the bathroom on an elevated table, like an altar between the men and womens bathroom. It was a hot day outside and it was even hotter in the non-airconditioned bathroom (air-conditioning is not too common in Italy). Wearing my suit (minus the jacket), I began changing him only to discover that poop had shot out of his diaper and all over his back and his clothes.

Eliot didn't like being in that hot bathroom either and he liked even less being stripped naked with poop all over his body. So everyone that went to the bathroom during the 10-minute fiasco was greeted by me dripping in sweat and a screaming baby covered in poop. Thankfully, Stefano, the brother of Ilaria's friend Andrea and a recent father himself entered the bathroom and helped a lot to get off the clothes and to get some new clothes from Ilaria. Then I gave Eliot a bath in the sink, put some new clothes on him, and cursed the air-condition lacking country of Italy for being hot. But at least it was over.
IMG  4375
At Francesca's wedding, all of the tables were numbered after rocks and everyone was running around wondering the symbolism of each rock in the relationship of the newly-weds or the guests at a particular rock table.

This time we were just given a number, which is great for non-Italians that know numbers better than rocks.
IMG  4379
I took hundreds of photos at the wedding of Francesca and Ben. Now with the addition of only a single extra human being that I need to take care of, I probably took less than 20 pictures the whole day, most of them after he feel asleep.
IMG  4380
Everyone signed a big poster for Aldo and Laura
IMG  4383
Then the dancing
IMG  4385
began (with a live band!).
IMG  4496
Italy is a great place to see many interesting WWII sites.
IMG  4497
The Americans landed on the Italian mainland at Anzio and Nettuno, which are near Ilaria's home of Latina. Most of the Americans that died in Italy (including the early battles in Sicily) are buried
IMG  4498
in the cemetery
IMG  4503
IMG  4504
IMG  4512
The cemetery is very well maintained.
IMG  4518
On the wall of soldiers lost in Italy there was one that shared my last name.
IMG  4519
And in the book of Americans that died in Italy there were four people with my last name.
IMG  4520
Nearby there was also a baseball stadium.
IMG  4538
Back at the beach house,
Eliot decided that 6AM was the time he wanted to wake up. We weren't too happy about it, so I strapped him in his chair. He had a great time playing in his chair and all of his fun made waking up so early seem ok.
IMG  4555
Baby birds were born at the beach house while we were there.
IMG  4559
And Eliot found new comfortable ways of sleeping.
IMG  4566
After three long weeks of rest,
IMG  4573
it was time for one last trip to see
IMG  4577
IMG  4581
IMG  4585
and to play with Zio Matteo
IMG  4588
before flying back home to St. Louis.