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J family beach trip 2006
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DSC 00092
Every year my folks take at least one vacation to the Florida or Alabama beaches, and we kids (especially Retse who lives in Florida) often tag along for part of the trip.

If you're not in my family,
DSC 00116
or you don't like cute kids,
DSC 00119
this might not be the most interesting album for you.
DSC 00052
Besides all the family stuff,
DSC 00054
and the beach stuff,
DSC 00055
we did squeeze in
DSC 00064
one trip
DSC 00041
to Tropicana Field
IMG  3621
where we watched the Tampa Bay Devil Rays take on the Atlanta Braves.

We assumed there'd be no line to buy tickets, and from the looks of this crowd you'd probably make the same assumption. But there was a line, and it was raining hard. So hard in fact
IMG  3613
that my dad was willing to stand in line with Ellie's (my 3 yr old niece) tiny pink umbrella over his head. The people that were staying out of the raining under a large awning got a good laugh out of watching my dad run back to his spot in line with a little pink umbrella over his head.
IMG  3615
Ellie did not find this funny. And put up a pretty good crying fit to let us know that she needed her pink umbrella to keep her company under the dry awning.
IMG  3616
It was my first inside baseball game. I decided I don't like inside baseball.

Feels unreal.
Feels like basketball.
Feels very small.
IMG  3620
But at least the roof gave our wet butts a respite from the rain. The Braves won and the guys on my 2006 fantasy team (Renteria and Giles) put in a strong effort.
DSC 00080
Back at the condo,
DSC 00077
Gray was learning to swim,
DSC 00081
and Ellie was honing her skills.
DSC 00096
Before we left, we took a bunch of family photos using Scott's 30th birthday present. To hurricane-proof them, I'm going to put some here on the web.

Here's me and my lady friend.

(In case you didn't notice this was when Italy was on it's way to winning the 2006 World Cup!)
DSC 00098
Here's everyone.
DSC 00099
Here's my sister's family (Retse, Ellie, Scott, Gray).
DSC 00102
Here's pawpaw and his grandson
DSC 00123
And here's root of the family tree on this trip, my folks.
DSC 00108
I'm not the biggest fan of beach trips (having taken so many as a kid).
DSC 00153
But on this trip, we all had a really good time, or at least that's how we come off in the pictures Scott and I (mostly Scott) took.
DSC 00101
Retse and Scott made the kids smile
DSC 00103
I made the cute gal smile
DSC 00104
Gran made Gray smile
DSC 00112
I made mom smile
DSC 00113
and pawpaw made Ellie smile.
DSC 00120
Don't get me wrong, this trip wasn't all fun and games. One of the things I like about the beach is that it's a good place to take a step back and think about where you're heading in life, since our everyday work schedules tend to turn us into robots that don't consider this kinda stuff enough.
DSC 00148
And it was good for Gray and Ellie to spend some time learning to work with sand, so they can one day dig giant holes like their uncle J used to do.
DSC 00166
And if you've listened to my story for this long,
DSC 00168
we'll it's time Gray chased you away
DSC 00168BW
so fly on to your next journey for today.