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Key West 2006
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ilaria Eli
June 2004, Elisabetta and I went for a little adventure in the Grand Canyon. In 5 days, we saw a lot of places, crossed 4 states, drove 1900 miles, and slept an average of 5 hours per night. June 2006, Elisabetta is coming back to the States. We decide to take it easy this time, and to enjoy the beautiful warm weather of Florida, and the beaches.
ilaria Sleeps At Airport
As usual our trip starts with a night at the airport (Fort Lauderdale)
miami Beach Beach 1
But the day after we are ready for sands of South Miami Beach
miami Beach Beach 2
where even the lifeguard stations are "like in the movies".
ocean Drive
We walk along Ocean Drive
art Deco 1
and see a lot of Art Deco buildings
art Deco 2
like this one
art Deco 3
or this one here
miami heat
It is very hot,
eli Cup Tea
so we find a better use of a disgusting ice tea.
coconut Tree
I wish I could eat those coconuts (it's the first time in my life i see a palm tree with coconuts!!).
espanola Way
We go to Espanola Way, the spanish street.
miami Police
And we see that the times of Miami Vice are gone, policemen do not drive Ferraris anymore.
everglades Swamp
The day after we go for a tour in the Everglades, after having enjoyed a wonderful colombian lunch at a local restaurant.
Our trip starts with baby peacocks,
and giant colorful crickets.
air Boats
But then it's time to jump on the airboats and head into the swamp (these boats are very safe, as long as you do not splash your hand in the water).
We see two turtles,
one white heron
gator 1
and finally a female alligator
gator 2
here's another one
our Guide
Our guide is not afraid to jump in the water (but I politely said no when he invited me to join him down there).
Then we learn that there are other animals living in the swamp, like scorpions,
giant toads (no, it didn't become a prince).
gator Wrestling
We learn how to wrestle an alligator
gator Holding
and we hold a 8 year old cute one
little Crocodile
But this little new born crocodile is my favorite, even if we are not allowed to touch it.
bridge Road
It's almost sunset, time to head to Key West. The road to this beautiful island is practically a long long bridge.
shark Mouth
We stop for a picture in the shark's mouth,
key Sunset
and for a picture at the sunset, but we need to hurry up,
because paolo is waiting for us. He will stay with us until the end of our trip.
first Stroll
The day after, the weather is not good, so we decide to go for a walk in town
cuban Cigars
which reminds you that no more that 90 miles away there's a little island....
gay Pride Church
It's the Gay Pride week in Key West, and even the church is celebrating it.
And the first storm arrives.
salmon Plate
We still can't go to the beach, so we decide to go for a healthy lunch,
giant Cookie
and a key lime pie at the best place in town, the place of the giant cookies.
rent Bikes
We rent bikes,
by Bike Around Key
and we bike all around the island.
southernmost Point
The southernmost point of the USA is a little bit disappointing,
southernmost Point Line
yet look at the line to take a picture at that ugly thing (not too long as it is a rainy day).
finally Beach
We finally get to the beach, but as you can see, we can't really go for a swim,
paolo Swims
but Paolo decides to go anyways, despite hurricane Alberto is on his way to the coast.
north Gulf Calm
The north side of the island is completely calm,
north Gulf Island Boat
it doesn't look like the same place, does it?
hemingway House
The day after it is still raining, so we go to the Hemingway House
hemingway Cats Six Toes
He used to have around 60 cats in his property (45 are living there now). Some of them had the particular sixth toe.
hemingway Studio
This is the studio where he wrote 5 of his novels.
ice Cream
Now we really need an ice cream, but maybe not as big as the one Paolo had!
gay Pride Street
And before leaving, we join the party in the street,
gay Pride Pub
and in a pub,
gay Pride Party
where we don't expect to see.... this much!
ft Lauderdale Museum
Time to go back to Miami Beach, and then for me to Fort Lauderdale. But since I had few hours, I decided to see the museum of art.