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Maine 2004
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packed Car
So we loaded up my car, put in some gas...
maine Map
and headed off to answer the question, "What is in Maine"?
drivin There
we drove while the sun set
hotel 1
and finally arrived at Hotel Pemaquid
hotel 2
lighthouse 1
just in time to see the sun fade behind the nearby lighthouse
ilaria Game
the next day Ilaria kept herself busy with a game while we waited for breakfast
me On Rocks
then we went out to play on the rocks during the gloomy morning
we experienced Maine's cultural offerings,
october Fest
and small town October Fest.
dressed Up 1
and got dressed up to go to a restaurant that wouldn't let us in :(...
dressed Up 2
the next day was beautiful
lighthouse 2
so we took more pics of the lighthouse
and some lobster traps
then we headed off to see what there was in the not-so-interesting almost-city of Portland
lighthouse 3
with, yup: another lighthouse
and a dog in a doggie-wheelchair.

Then we went home....