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Meeting Gray
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Gray is the new member of our family; my first nephew.
gran Gray
As always, gran was the first person to meet the new person (besides the parents of course)
ilaria Gray
Ilaria liked holding Gray.
ilaria Gray Ellie
And Ellie was a big girl and didn't get jealous very often.
gray Uncle J
One time, Uncle J even got a turn.
sis Family
Everyone took turns trying to keep Gray entertained or asleep according a schedule (this is before the schedule when he liked to cry all the time)
sneak Away
Ilaria and I would sneak away for a little quiet sometimes (this often inspired me to buy Ellie presents).
winter Park
This trip was Park St. in Winter Park which is filled with nice shops.
family Photo
We made this family photo as a father's day gift for my pops.
sneak Away 2
Ilaria and I went to St. Petersburg to check out the beach and the museums. That's a big picnic basket.
This funky pier is the most famous tourist attraction in St. Petersburg.
coney Island Grill
Coney Island Grill on Martin Luther King Jr Drive is cheap and yummy!!!! (we ate there twice :)
coney Island Grill 2
Inside is a classic old diner. We got a cheeseburger, a chilly cheeseburger, and a ham and cheese sandwich, all for < 5 bucks
We took the greasy picnic to the beach
In our rental car.
I love big boats, so you have to look at this one.
desoto Beach
Desoto beach was named the best beach in America by Dr. Beach.
desoto 2
And I guess you never grow old of such a place (but the guy on the right was snoring pretty loud)
St Pete 1
After a hot day at the beach, we came back to hit the town and eat paella.
St Pete 2
Walking around St Petersburg is much different than walking around Boston. They have these enormous trees.
St Pete 3
The skyscrapers look very southern.
parking Meter
Even the parking meters have a nice southern feel.
sea Gulls
We said goodnite to the pelicans
and went back to our Bed and Breakfast, Inn at the Bay to watch Legends of the Fall (dvd's were free at this great Bed and Breakfast).
Inn at the Bay was voted best breakfast in the Southeast by some kinda tourist magazine. We agree.
breakfast 2
Breakfast burrito on a plate.
We took a quick photo on the back porch.
Band B
And said goodbye
inn At The Bay
to the Inn at the Bay.
dali Museum
And hello Dali
baptism 1
The next day (Sunday June 19) Gray was baptised.
baptism 2
And my dad made sure no one in the congregation could see.
baptism 3
So afterwards we had a fake picture session where you can see the little man.
baptism 4
The group shot. (Scott what are you doing with that hand?)
Afterwards we had a party where Ellie looked real cute in the Cardinal outfit dad bought her in St. Louis; Then everyone when home.