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Meeting my folks in Memphis
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Memphis skyline
One of the good things about moving to St. Louis is that Ilaria and I are closer to my folks. A 10 hour drive isn't too close by European standards, but for me any distance that I can drive in a day is close.

Memphis is roughly half way between my folks house in Slidell, LA and our place in St. Louis, so we picked that as our first meeting place.
Memphis Redbirds stadium
A nice feature of Memphis is the Memphis Redbirds, the Triple-A baseball team of the St. Louis Cardinals.
memphis redbirds
It's fun to go to a Redbirds game -- the tickets are cheap, the stadium is small so you always have a good seat, and you can see all of the future Cardinals. At this game we saw Colby Rasmus (CF) and Joe Mather (C) and lots of home runs.
IMG  0071
After the game,
Hueys Memphis
we walked down the street to Huey's for a burger.
Benchmark Hotel Memphis
Then we headed back to the Benchmark Hotel for some shut-eye.
IMG  0079
The next morning, we walked down
IMG  0083
Beale Street (the party street at nighttime),
Gibson Factory Memphis
past the Gibson guitar factory,
IMG  0086
past a crazy looking store,
IMG  0089
past some deserted
IMG  0090
IMG  0093
and past WLOX radio station (the first African-American owned radio station in Memphis; in 1977) on our way to
IMG  0094
the National Civil Rights Museum.
Lorraine Motel Memphis
The museum is built into the Lorraine Motel.
IMG  0095
Martin Luther King Jr. was shot on the balcony where the white wreath hangs.
IMG  0106
They tried to preserve his motel room
IMG  0107
and much of the motel as it was on the day MLK was shot.
IMG  0110
I don't know if this was a typical day at the museum, but while we were there, we certainly found a lot of family reunions with color-coded shirts.

There were the red shirts,
IMG  0113
the light-blue shirts, the yellow shirts,
IMG  0122
and the orange shirts to name a few.
IMG  0126
Then there was us with our many different colored shirts.

Overall it was a decent museum but not as good as I was expecting.
IMG  0118
When my folks lived in Alabama, my mom and I went to the Civil Rights museum in Birmingham. On the trip I got the impression that the museum in Memphis was the top civil rights museum in the country. But if this one is the best, I think we can do better to remember such an important part of our history.
IMG  0128
After the museum it was time for some famous ribs at,
IMG  0129
IMG  0132
Rendezvous is one of the most popular places to get ribs in Memphis, though many of the guidebooks stressed that they don't have the traditional Memphis-style ribs.

They tasted pretty dang good to me.
IMG  0136
After our big meal, we took a longer-than-expected walk to Sun Studio.

Rocket 88 the first rock-n-roll song was recorded there. Elvis and John Cash got started there. Carl Perkins recorded Blue Suede shoes there. Jerry Lee Lewis recorded "Whole lotta shaking goin on" and "Great balls of fire there". Turns out we just missed a tour and we'd have to wait quite a while for the next one, so we just looked around
IMG  0140
and went to catch a trolley back.

We waited forever but didn't see any trolleys.
IMG  0145
After we'd almost gotten back to our hotel we saw two
IMG  0148
Peabody Memphis
Our hotel was across the street from the most famous hotel in town -- the Peabody Hotel.
IMG  0154
The Peabody Hotel is home to some famous ducks.
IMG  0155
Long time ago, somehow they started putting ducks in the hotels fountain. One time the person in charge of the ducks (i.e. the "Duckmaster") trained them to march into the hotel lobby.
IMG  0157
And still to this day, the Duckmaster marches the ducks to the fountain at 11AM,
IMG  0159
and at 5PM leads the ducks
IMG  0176
down their red carpet
IMG  0177
and up the elevator to their penthouse.
IMG  0169
It is really something odd and pathetic that the lobby starts to fill 45 minutes in advance of the duck march. Is watching ducks walk down a red carpet so interesting?
IMG  0172
Nope, but I did it too.
IMG  0186
That nite, we party animals were ready to hit the happenin part of town Beale Street.
IMG  0194
We went to dinner at BB King's Blues Club.
IMG  0195
The band was really good while we ate dinner.
IMG  0198
The next morning we went to see one of my dad's missions in Mississippi. Then Ilaria and I said goodbye to my parents.
IMG  0200
And headed to the street where Elvis lived.
IMG  0202
Initially Ilaria and I didn't plan to go to Graceland, but we decided we were close by, so we might as well take the opportunity to see
IMG  0204
the house where Elvis lived.
IMG  0209
The whole place is a big Disney-like production.
IMG  0216
The house is a great way to see the interior-design of the time (or at least the interior-design preferred by an eccentric rich person).
IMG  0218
It is really beautiful
IMG  0219
and virtually
IMG  0223
unchanged from when
IMG  0225
Elvis lived there.
IMG  0227
The kitchen was the only plan looking room of the house.
IMG  0231
Elvis had circuit breakers back in the days of fuses.
IMG  0232
Elvis must've really liked mirrors,
IMG  0235
because he put them everywhere.
IMG  0238
This is the downstairs room where Elvis hung out a lot. He liked to have three TVs, so he could watch all of the major networks at once.
IMG  0241
The last room of the house we visited
IMG  0246
was the over-the-top different Jungle Room.
IMG  0251
The house was definitely worth a visit. After you finish the house tour, it goes downhill (at least in my opinion), you can see Lisa Marie Presley's playground,
IMG  0263
where they kept the horses,
IMG  0282
and zillions gold and platinum albums.
IMG  0311
You can also learn about some of the man's eccentricities such as has love for racquetball. He had his own court.
IMG  0301
Now it just houses more memorabilia.
IMG  0308
Right before you leave the grounds there is the strange site of a large line of folks waiting to look at his grave. Lots of people really took this pretty serious.
IMG  0306
I didn't wait in the line, I just raised my arms and snapped a photo.
IMG  0314
After the house tour, we moved on to the car tour.
IMG  0317
Elvis liked cars,
IMG  0319
he had a lot of nice ones
IMG  0321
like this Ferrari.
IMG  0332
He had a pink Cadillac
IMG  0340
and a Rolls Royce.
IMG  0345
The third part of our tour was his airplanes.
Elvis airplane
His largest plane was a Convair 880, pretty interesting that they needed four engines back then for a plane of this size.
IMG  0353
The plane had a custom interior that included a gold-plated sink,
IMG  0356
a nice dining/meeting room,
IMG  0359
and a real bed. Must've been a comfortable life.
IMG  0352
Elvis also owned a littler plane.
IMG  0367
After saying goodbye to Elvis, Ilaria wanted to take a quick drive around Memphis.
Memphis pyramid
I wanted to take a picture of the pyramid (the old basketball stadium).
IMG  0398
On our way to the interstate, we drove by where the rich folks live.
IMG  0399
Lots of big
IMG  0400
IMG  0402
with views of the Mississippi.
Arkansas sign
Then we hit the interstate back towards home.
IMG  0408
On the way to Memphis, I saw a billboard for Lambert's -- a restaurant where they throw tasty rolls across the restaurant to you.
IMG  0409
My family used to always stop by Lambert's in Alabama on our way home from the beach, so I told Ilaria we should stop on the way back to St. Louis.

But the wait for a table (at 4PM on a Sunday) was two hours!
IMG  0411
We ate Cracker Barrel instead and drove back home to St. Louis.
IMG  0416
Pretty nice to be able to see some relatives in only 600 miles of driving...