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Moving to Saint Louis
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IMG  7535
After getting back from Iceland, it was time for Ilaria and I to
IMG  7537
pack our stuff,
IMG  7634
so we could move to our new apartment
IMG  7636
1000 miles away in Saint Louis.
IMG  9277
I'm getting to old to load crap into a truck and drive it across the country,
IMG  9282
so we hired movers to do the lifting
IMG  9281
and the driving.
IMG  9279
I hope I never
IMG  9280
move my own stuff again.
IMG  9278
They are really fast
IMG  9283
and have good ways of packaging things to keep them safe (the only problem was some minor scratches on one of our old dressers)
IMG  9290
and free from dirt.
IMG  9297
We were really going to miss this apartment that for three years had been our home.
IMG  9300
We were especially going to miss Rita, Adriana, and Frank Susi, who owned the building and always treated us like family. Their family also cooked some of the best food I've eaten in my life. We'll always remember the barbecues with Frank Susi's sausages, the fall when they ferment the grapes filling whole building is filled with wine aroma, and the 2006 World Cup when Adriana used her sewing skills to make one of the largest Italian flags in the world.
IMG  9301
I didn't want the movers to carry my computers or instruments. So the day after the movers came we rented an SUV, packed it full of my junk
IMG  9302
and hit the road.
IMG  9304
After two days of driving, we arrived in Saint Louis. Thanks to the lower cost of living in Saint Louis, our new apartment was slightly cheaper than in Boston, was more than twice the size (1200 sqft compared with 500 sqft in Boston), and was on the 9th floor, so we got a nice view of the Central West End and BJC hospital.
IMG  9307
When we moved, we were a little said that we'd no longer be woken up by firetrucks like in Boston (we lived right next to the fire station). But we soon learned that helicopters land on the roof of the hospital near our new apartment far more often than the fire truck drove by in Boston, so we didn't miss a thing.
IMG  9347
It was nice to have the added space, but it would be many months before Saint Louis started to feel a little like home.
IMG  9351
We bought a fancy new dining room table (covered with a blanket to keep the movers from messing it up),
IMG  9356
bought some furniture from IKEA,
IMG  9353
and slowly, slowly, slowly tried to put things in their place and make our new place a home.