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NESM Woods Hole 2007
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NESM speakers  2007
Tim, my boss at BU, was invited to speak at the New England Society for Microscopy Meeting in May 2007. It was senior project day at BU, so he couldn't make it. I was the fill in.
woods hole 1
The meeting was in Woods Hole
mbl sign woods hole
at the Marine Biological Laboratory, an old famous science hangout spot.
boat woods hole
For being in New England, it definitely has a small town feel. This guy, fixin his boat, was illegally parked, but the police lady walked all the way over to him, asked him if the car was his and then didn't give him a ticket, because he was close to his car. Wouldn't happen in Boston.
IMG  4415
I took the bus to Woods Hole on a beautiful Friday morning,
swope conference center
and I walked to the building where I was supposed to give the talk.
swope conference center sign
The building where the talk was held was called the Swope Center,
view from swope center
and this was the view from the room where I gave the talk.
view from swope center 2
Unfortunately, only the speaker could see out the giant windows. So I got to look at this for 45 minutes, and they only got to look at me! There were probably 40-70 microscopists at my talk. I didn't show a single slide with a microscopic image, but they seemed to like a non-microscopy presentation at their meeting - a little something different I suppose.
IMG  4424
After the talks were over for the day, I went out to explore Woods Hole.
IMG  4426
The Marine Biological Laboratory and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution are the largest center for studying marine biology and ocean ecology in the United States.
IMG  4431
They have a fleet of ships.
IMG  4434
For example this ship collects information on the locations and abundance of marine organisms in relation to changes in the environment to help maintain economically and environmentally sustainable fisheries.
ferry nantucket
At Woods Hole there is also a ferry that goes to Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket.
MBL room
Typical of scientific meeting places, the sleeping facilities at the Marine Biological Laboratory were pretty barebones. But I was really tired and feel asleep at 8PM.
IMG  4452
The next morning I walked around touristing before my bus arrived.
pie in the sky woods hole
I'd seen the Pie in the Sky cafe the day before and decided that was the place I'd eat breakfast.
pie in the sky woods hole breakfast
Bacon and egg on a croissant.
pie in the sky woods hole outside
The breakfast was so good, I bought some extra stuff to bring home to Ilaria.
woods hole nice people
The thing that impressed me most about Wood Hole was the locals. Everybody says hi when they pass you in the street, and they'll even have a conversation with you. It's like having the southern niceness with the rich history and intellectual atmosphere of the north - would be a nice place to retire.

These people were out cleaning up the harbor. When you bring a piece of trash here
IMG  4456
you can take a pastry as your reward.
IMG  4461
At 10:30AM, I went over to the ferry station
woods hole bus
to catch my bus
woods hole bus to boston
back home to Boston.

Hopefully, I can return here someday.