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Napoli Summer 2005
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napoli Train Sign
Napoli is the city I liked least of the entire trip, but it's the city I'd like most to see a second time.
napoli From Above
Napoli looks like a short, wide New York with a volcano in the background. And to me it is the NYC of Italy. So instead of drunk crazy guys talking loudly to themselves to the background music of taxicabs, you have loads of pick pockets who take your stuff to the background music of tons of loud scooters.
cellphone Charger
For example, when you first leave the train station there are plenty of guys who would like to steal your cell phone; and plenty more who would gladly sell you the one they just stole from the guy in front of you. Lest you worry you'll have no way to charge your newly purchased hot cellphone, there are lots of these African guys who'll sell you a charger.
The Napoliani are very independent and aren't afraid to make there mark on the world for example by breaking the hand off of this famous Bernini statue
graffiti Statue
or modernizing this one.
The city is packed with vehicles. In Napoli, kind people will personally watch over your vehicle where you park it to make sure it's ok,
burnt Bike
just make sure you don't forget to pay them.
The animal loving residents of the city also decided it was cruel to lock up stray animals, so the town is filled with stray dogs. The first time I saw this castle, a pack of stray dogs decided it was their castle and wouldn't let me anywhere near it.
But as long as you don't mind the mess
napoli Turd
and you watch you step,
napoli Church
there are plenty of amazing things to see (this is the Basilica di San Domenico Maggiore).
first Pizza Restaurant
First, this is the restaurant where pizza was invented (unfortunately I exposed the camera too long). It's gotta to be a great city if it saw the birth of pizza.
pizza Napoli
And it's still home of the best pizza on the planet. (at least that's what I'm told, but I didn't go to the best restaurant for pizza, so for me the best was in Ilaria's town Latina).
hotdog Thing
And they've got other new contraptions to eat, like this thing where you get your hotdog and french fries at the same time with an upgrade from american bread [but no american ketchup :(   ]
We went to Napoli to see Diego di Bernardo (the guy on the right), and we met Mukesh who was soon to visit our lab in Boston.
Diego, a professor at the Tigem research institute, let me give a talk there, my first international appearance (thanks Diego!).
Check out the key to our hotel, it's like the ones in spooky movies.
view From Breakfast
This was our view while we ate breakfast.
italian Breakfast
But unfortunately, in Italy all you get for breakfast is some variation of dough covered with sugar: not good for my hypoglycemia.
napoli In One Photo
If I were allowed only one photo to describe Napoli, this is it. A city where people from all over the world drive, work and live in whatever free space they can find.
napoli Milano
What great architectural masterpieces can you find in Milano that you can't find here?
The great artists of Florence have all died off, but the great artisans of Napoli still thrive.