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New Orleans 2005
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The cheapest direct flight to New Orleans from Boston is to find a way to NYC and take JetBlue, which is why I have a picture of this tiny hotel room.
Not the fastest route, but it gives us an excuse to go have a look at some of the world's modern treasures at MOMA
moma 2
where even the bathroom signs are pieces of art.
And it gives me an opportunity to eat at Lombardi's Pizza, which so far is number one on my vast list of pizza places.
Unfortunately, because of our NYC detour we had to wake up before 5AM two days in a row (as you can tell).
We arrive in the Big Easy, and head to a museum I've wanted to see for 4 years (since I left Louisiana)
weapons 1
showcasing the weapons that led the Allies to Victory,
mg 44
the greatest machine gun ever built, and much, much more. I highly recommend this one to any WWII buffs and people with an interest one of the most important events in the history of the world.
We were then greeted by a true southern storm (New England rain can't compare).
house 1
And I got to see my parents house on the water for the first time.
For some reason the slugs liked the window screens after the rain storm?
Time to drive back to New Orleans
mardi Gras
where they still weren't finished cleaning up from Mardi Gras.
Time for some beautiful southern colors.
And charming southern houses.
Intermingled with old spanish architecture.
mr Bs 1
Time for some yummy
mr Bs 2
Nawlins food
mr Bs 3
from Mr.B's.
park 1
Time for a walk to
park 2
Louis Armstrong park
Time to look close
and far
me IM
to think about what we are
to figure out if Bourbon is really the best street at our age
to arrive at a place where no one knows your name
dumonde 2
to wait and wait and wait
for three perfect Beignets.
nick At Nite
Nick at Nite was making a commercial while we ate.
steeple 1
Ilaria likes this one
steeple 2
J likes this one
Ellie would like this one.
beach 1
The next day we went to the beach in Mississippi,
beach 2
which was completely empty.
beach 3
Well, there was at least one person to take a picture for us.
Time for a little more culture,
green Tomatoes
and some fried green tomatoes!
The next day, Ilaria and I went to the free NASA rocket testing museum at Stennis Space Center.
test Pad
These big metal things are used to test rockets used around the world.
Wernher Von Braun watched the Saturn V rocket testings for the Apollo project from that blue tower you see (Apollo missions were the ones to the moon)
saturn 2
Ilaria being a tourist with the small saturn rocket
saturn 3
J being a tourist with the big saturn rocket (why the name saturn if they built them to go to the moon?)
This is my favorite pic in the bunch, but maybe that's just because it tickles my OCD.
We passed on space ice cream (remember that stuff?) and went to Ida's for
po boys.
And we walked off the calories in Fontainebleau State Park.
I never go to my folk's house without being put to work.
But it's worth it to see my folks and have breakfast on the dock.
Back to NYC to go to Amy's engagement party (thanks Pat for giving us a place to sleep!)
new Yorker
The Italian passes off well as a New Yorker.
bum 1
While I play the tourist: pick a bum, any bum
bum 2
Jason's made his choice (and I approve :)

We planned on spending the day volunteering at a homeless shelter for 21yr old and younger, but our connection got sick so we went to
Toysr Us
Toy's R Us
These guys look tired
sleep 2
but they're not asleep.
pat Posey
Pat here's the pic you wanted (he says he doesn't have enough pictures on the web)
nyc 2
New York is amazing
trader Joes
but I'm starting to tire of all this traveling and it's nice to be back home.