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New Years 2006
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new years dinner
I just don't know how to describe how over-complicated simple things like what appetizers should be served on New Years dinner can become amongst Ilaria's friends. We must have had 5 meetings, long debates with Gianluca taking notes, deciding who should be invited, what cheeses we needed, what meats, desserts. We went to four or five grocery stores cause this one had the best cheese that one had the best prosciutto. It was more complicated than when the ladies in my family were planning my sister's wedding.
But finally New Years Eve arrived and the charcoals were lit (they don't look like American charcoal),
grill 2
and Alfredo manned the grill (with whoever was outside smoking at any given time).
The antipasto was set,
while Ilaria prepared tomatoes for the Bruschetta.

(I don't have a picture of it, but Andrea was cutting the proscuitto with a very sharp knife and without the proper stand. He still has all his fingers thankfully).
ben francesca families
This is an interesting picture for me. Ben's parents were in town to see Italy and meet Francesca's parents (I don't need to tell you who is who; it's easy to pick out the Italians and the Americans). It was fun for me to see two families that don't know each others languages (besides Francesca that knows both) communicating in different ways, and then imagining my parents in the same situation.
new years eat
After weeks (literally) of preparation, it was finally time to eat the fruits of our labor.
new years food
Note to self: next year don't eat so much antipasto. I ate 3/4 of this and thought I was going to explode. I didn't really even try the main courses - it was hard enough to look at others eating them I was so full.
new years midnite
At midnight we went outside on the patio that looked down on all the valleys below. It was supposed to be the most beautiful thing to see all the valleys light their fireworks. But it was raining, cloudy, and none-too-spectacular.
new years midnite 2
But we still made noise and burnt holes in each other's clothes with sparklers. Here is Alessandro dancin in il Capodanno.
new years tiramisu
Tiramisu time (I was still too full).
new years clean
Antonella carried in the dishes, Laura washed them.
andrea alice
Hi Andrea and Alice, I'm sorry I didn't have my flash on and you're so dark.
cowboy game
Finally, we played a card game about cowboys. Pretty cool to play a cowboy game in a country with no cowboys. However, I was really tired by this time and I never could infer across the language barrier how this game was played. It looked like Ilaria was just randomly throwing out cards to me.
time to sleep
After the card game, we arrived home as the sun worked its way out of bed for the first time in 2006.