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Orlando Christmas 2004
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ellie 1
An advantage of being the parents of a little girl this cute
tree 1
is that everyone comes to your house for Christmas.
I arrived before my folks and quickly learned of Ellie's swing obsession (she WON'T let you stop)
I saw the side effects of having three hurricanes in two months.
I met many lizards.
I discovered little people get messier as they get older,
messy 2
but mainly I learned
hard Mom
it is hard to be a mom!
hard Ellie
But it's not easy to be a kid either.
xmas Pic
I don't know why we always take one of these pictures before we open presents?
ellie Pres 2
Ellie liked presents.
ellie Scott
She didn't care if they were hers or not
(though Uncle J likes presents too and was careful she didn't open his :)
Here's the obligatory picture of the Christmas mess.
On Christmas Day, Ellie opened her big presents: a lawn mower from pawpaw,
a wagon from Uncle J (with help from my sis :) ,
kitchen Set
a kitchen set from Gran and pawpaw (it's behind Scott),
and a playground from mom and dad.
mom Ellie
Ellie likes Gran's kindergarten songs and dances.
But she likes pawpaw more than any of us.
rake 1
Dad and I went on a mad quest to rake 10 years worth of leaves from my sis's backyard (the previous owners had blackthumbs)
rake 2
We raked almost 100 full bags (and our backs let us remember each bag for the next two days).
ellie B 1
The things these kids come up with when you leave them alone for a few seconds!
ellie B 2
But with the added weight I think she started having second thoughts about her orange enhancement.
ellie B 3
And dad said she was just too young.
In traditional Faith style, we went on an adventure, this time to a natural warm spring
manatee 2
where manatees hang out.
manatee 3
What you can't see in the pictures is that the parking lots were full, so pregnant Retse, Mom, and Ellie walked two miles to the park. And the men walked three.
(some of our members were not happy about this)
lady Bugs
But if things went smoothly, or we didn't happen to go to the park on a day when there were so many ladybugs that you always had one on you,
It just wouldn't have felt like a real Faith family adventure.