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Priverno Summer 2005
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I got to meet Mariassunta's family in Priverno, the town where she grew up.
ilaria and J priverno
Ilaria and I rode there with
fernando mariassunta priverno
Fernando and Mariassunta (and Matteo who took these pictures).
Don Angelo Lino priverno
We were lucky that both of the priests, Zio Don Angelo and Zio Lino, were able to make it. Zio Don Angelo (on the right) lives with Mariassunta's mom, but Zio Lino normally lives in Brasil where he is a missionary. He returns to Italy every four years, so my timing was pretty good to be able to meet him.
priverno 2
Ilaria and I hung out on the nice porch
IMG  2153
while the two mothers prepared a big meal.
biscotti di sicily
Kitty brought some special deserts up from her trip in Sicily.
italian chocolate cake
And Mariassunta made a chocolate cake.
IMG  2176
Priverno is a nice little town
IMG  2168
with the typical small passageways
IMG  2160
of a little Italian town.
IMG  2177
Hopefully in the future when I speak better Italian, I'll feel more comfortable taking pictures of the rest of Ilaria's relatives. For now, here's the last pick from Priverno...