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Rockport 2006
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ilaria rockport rain
This girl bought me a trip to Rockport for my Birthday. We went in May instead of April (my birthday month), because last April was rainy and cold. This year, May was rainy and cold. When we arrived in Rockport on Saturday, it was sprinkling. The rain then began a steady crescendo to an extremely windy, heavy rain storm that flooded much of Rockport.
ilaria J rockport
But this was my birthday present, and we were determined to make it a good one.
rockport seafood
We fought our way through the wind and the rain to a seafood restaurant that looked out onto the rough Rockport coast. My meal was some yummy shrimps with bread crumbs and butter. It didn't look like it would fill me up, but by the end the butter really started to weigh me down.
rockport bed breakfast
We had a nice room at a Bed and Breakfast. It was raining too hard to explore the town much, so we went downstairs to read by the fire.
getting ready
The next day, we had a giant breakfast. It was raining even harder and colder than the day before (40-50F). We wanted to take a walk along the coast, so we put on all the warm cloths we had and some rain gear and headed out.
rockport Coast
Rockport is a stereotypical, beautiful New England coastal town.
rockport Coast 2
Combine that with mother nature kicking around her waves and you've really got something amazing to see.
rockport Coast 3
Unfortunately, the weather was too much for Ilaria, who didn't have waterproof pants (she does now!). She made it much longer than I figured she would. But after 45 minutes or so, she was completely soaked and freezing. We went back to our Bed and Breakfast, changed clothes, and caught the train home.

We'll have to try this trip another day.