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Rome Christmas 2007
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IMG  6780
Although, I've been to Rome a
IMG  6782
few times over my trips to Italy.
Vatican wall
I still had one major Rome attraction I hadn't seen.
Vatican Museum Entrance
The Vatican Museum.
IMG  6794
When Ilaria and I walked by the museum and found no line (typically there is >hour wait), it was finally my time to see
School of Athens Vatican
the School of Athens.

The big roof by Michaelangelo is more famous, but this painting by Raphael was what I wanted to see most.
IMG  6801
One nice surprise for me was the section on modern religious art.
crocifisso Rosai
Here's L'uomo crocifisso by Ottone Rosai. That's something different. Looks like Igor Stravinsky on a cross.
the thinker rodin
I thought I was seeing something unique when I saw Rodin's The Thinker for the first time. But this statue is in tons of museums.
IMG  6812
When things start to get a little more claustrophobic, you know you're almost to the
Sistine Chapel
Sistine Chapel.
IMG  6815
Which is the ultimate tourist mosh pit.

The Rosetta Stone in London, the Hope Diamond in DC, even the Mona Lisa in Paris can't approach the level of over-tourism that the Sistine Chapel experiences.
IMG  6817
But it is really something to see.
IMG  6819
And as you look up, you hardly notice the tourists.
IMG  6823
On one of the less crowded areas of the chapel is Perugino's most famous painting Christ Giving the Keys to St. Peter, which I remembered memorizing many years ago in Art History class at LSU.
IMG  6824
Finally, The Last Judgement behind the altar was painted by Michaelangelo 30 years after he finished the ceilings.
IMG  6826
The garden in the Vatican Museum is one of the few outdoor areas of the Vatican that normal folks can walk around in.
IMG  6832
So Ilaria took me to
IMG  6833
a cool little museum,
IMG  6836
which housed all of the previous popemobiles.
IMG  6839
The popes have traveled
IMG  6842
in many different
IMG  6845
IMG  6848
over the years.
IMG  6851
IMG  6854
Glad I wasn't the pope or the pope carriers during this pope's reign. That's a really tiny box to ride in for one of the world's most prestigious persons.
vatican exit
One final experience for Vatican Museum goers is the exit.
IMG  6857
The exit was designed for horses
IMG  6861
but is really fun for humans too.
IMG  6868
Since this seemed to be short-line-day in Rome, Ilaria and I tried our luck at St. Peters,
IMG  6871
which was ready for Christmas
IMG  6874
and protected by cartoon-like characters.
IMG  6876
I wasn't expecting the world's most famous church to be filled with
IMG  6879
plastic chairs for the congregation (where are the 600 year old wood pews?)
IMG  6882
The altar is a bit scary looking for my taste,
IMG  6883
but I thought the heavenly rays through the windows in the dome were a nice effect.
nativity st peters rome
The nativity setup in St. Peters was also underwhelming.
IMG  6897
This is a pretty good example of what Italian high school/middle school kids look like.
IMG  6898
IMG  6900
Then I had the best sandwich of my life (no joke).
IMG  6902
It was porchetta (roasted pig)
IMG  6903
on some crunchy burrito like bread (piadina).

Boy it was tasty.
IMG  6908
With our full bellies, we went to Trastevere, one of Ilaria's favorite neighborhoods in Rome.
IMG  6910
And then we walked
IMG  6915
by some cat-filled
IMG  6916
Roman ruins
IMG  6921
on our way to the Christmas market.

Then we took the train back to Latina.