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Rome Summer 2005
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rome Sign
While walking around London I remember mentioning to Ilaria that we really needed to travel somewhere else because Europe was starting to look all the same to me. I meant somewhere like South America or Africa,
rome Trees
But Rome showed me there were many completely new experiences left; I'd just be wandering around the parts of Europe I'd already seen.
Rome was the first city I saw in Italy. My first trip there was with Ilaria and Elisabetta who showed me a great walk. And Jason who'd already traveled around a couple days before had lots of nice tourist info.
church 1
The influence of the Catholic Church is everywhere.
church 2
Most of the (flagrant) wealth
church Courtyard
and beautiful courtyards (well land in general) is theirs.
church Courtyard 2
The first thing you notice when you get out of the chaotic tourist laden paths is the beauty that fills every space. Everything goes together, the trees are trimmed and placed to match the surroundings and the buildings are all harmoniously built to complement each other, but hey they've been working on getting this right for the last 2500 years, so maybe that's not surprising.
gatto Grigio
What did surprise me was the large number of stray cats.
church Courtyard 3
Rome from the giardino degli aranci.
church Courtyard 4
Rome from the giardino degli aranci with Jason and a stray cat.
saint Peters
And in the distance the most famous church in the world.
Ilaria and Elisabetta found a stray cat friend too (I was weirded out by all the cats and tried not to get too close).
I don't find this sign immediately intuitive. I don't think the Italians do either, they rarely use crosswalks.
church And Tree
Really, it is overwhelming sometimes how beautiful this city is.
ornate Church
All these ornate interiors,
ornate Church Floor
even the floor,
ornate Church Floor Zoom
were fashioned by hand over so many years.
door To Saint 1
And even the little tricks
door To Saint 2
that all the locals know
door To Saint 3
really knock your socks off
door To Saint 4
when you see them for the first time.
(hopefully this is zoomed out enough that you can figure it out if you haven't seen it before, so you can have your socks knocked off too :)
colorful Buildings
Such colorful buildings,
little Car
such little cars.
circus Maximus
There's not much left of the Circus Maximus (I think this is now where people go to take drugs), but it would've been jammin back in the day to see a chariot race here!
And everyone's favorite tourist attraction the Colosseum.
Original Roman sidewalk, the Caesar's and I have walked on the same stones at different times together.
forum 1
There's not much left of the ancient forum,
forum 2
but it's enough to tickle your imagination.
colosseum 2
One more look.
I really like cloisters, so you'll see a fair number of them in my italian albums.
ilaria College
This is Ilaria's university.
Mussolini littered every city with grandiose monuments.
But they do provide a nice view on things.
unknown Soldier
It seems too fancy for a monument to unknown soldiers, but to each his own.
Getting around the city is crowded, perilous (lot's of thieves and man the buses drive FAST on the bumpy cobblestone roads), and smells like pure funk in the summertime.
There are too many scooters in Italy; I can still here their wimpy little buzzy noise in my head.
I did drive one while I was there, and I gotta admit, it's a whole lotta fun
The Parthenon is by far the best preserved ancient building in town.
parthenon Door
Look how thick the door is!
gelato 1
After the parthenon, the group needed some gelato.
gelato 2
The heat outside led most of us towards the fruity flavors.
scooters 2
Ok, push the first one over, and we'll watch the dominoes fall.
upside Down Sign
Italy is full of loop-holes and strange laws. If you have the sign to your shop upside down, you pay less taxes.
fontana Di Trevi 1
We went to the famous Fontana di Trevi
fontana Di Trevi 2
not a bad looking fountain
fontana Di Trevi 3
but swarming with tourists.
Ilaria gave a talk at her university in Italian; Jason and I hung out in the back pretending we understood what was going on.
jason Bye Bye
Then it was back to Latina for Ilaria and I, and back to Boston for Jason.
rome Skyline 1
But the Roman skyline will still be around for us to see it again someday.