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San Diego RECOMB Conference 2007
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IMG  9301
Elissa and I went to San Diego for the RECOMB Systems Biology Conference. After a long search we decided that the best would be to stay at the hotel closest to UCSD, the one recommended by the conference organizers. We knew it was a pretty "good" hotel, but I have to say it was higher than what we expected. And we made sure to make use of every complimentary service the hotel offered.
IMG  9304
The front desk was decorated with these candles and seeds.
IMG  6395
The bedroom was huge and the beds were so soft. I loved those pillows.
IMG  6396
Of course the bathroom was the best part
IMG  6397
with all these free lotions and shampoo etc...
IMG  6403
The first California experience for me was rainy. Even the locals said that they never see so much rain.
IMG  6400
And our pretty hotel,
IMG  6420
that usually looks like this,
IMG  6402
on that day was actually like this... :(
IMG  6411
The conference was at UCSD. We spent most of the time at the conference for the first 2 days.
IMG  6412
Then Steve arrived. Steve used to work in our lab in Boston, and he had just moved to San Francisco. So he came to see us in San Diego.
IMG  6413
During a lunch break Steve and I went around the campus. We found this really cool bear.
IMG  6415
Then we went into the library,
IMG  6418
to look at the view.
IMG  6419
This campus is very different than any other I have seen before. There are a lot of modern buildings surrounded by nature, like here.
IMG  6426
We went back to the hotel, ready to use all its free facilities. Elissa went to the gym.
IMG  6432
And then we put on our robes on and we went to the pool,
IMG  9330
which was quite cold, so we jumped into the hot tub.
IMG  9332
Then I relaxed a little bit on this chair,
IMG  9335
we spotted Julien for a minute,
IMG  9337
and then we took a nap.
IMG  6440
After the nap we decided to go out and see the city. We went to the cliffs by our hotel.
IMG  6434
This is where they do hang-gliding
IMG  6437
and they fly with these parachutes.
IMG  6441
I learned that for this sport you have to be very patient. When you do surfing you wait for the right wave, here you wait for the right wind, like this girl.
IMG  6442
Here she is, trying to fly,
IMG  6443
the parachute went up,
IMG  6444
she still needed some help,
IMG  6445
and there she went.
IMG  9362
We noticed that the sun was about to set and we wanted to go to La Jolla and see it from there. We need to hurry up, but Steve wanted to stay and ask about hand-gliding. We had to threaten to leave him.
IMG  6446
And we made it to La Jolla just in time.
IMG  6449
IMG  6450
The people that live in these houses must enjoy a beautiful sunset every night.
IMG  6463
We enjoyed ours...
IMG  6466
... and then we went to see the seals resting on the beach.
IMG  6471
Don't you think he's smiling?
IMG  6478
Dinner at Old Town, mexican of course. I got mexican ribs
IMG  6479
and a chicken taco,
IMG  9442
just made by these women.
IMG  6481
Steve got enchiladas
IMG  9443
and Elissa had a pork plate. It was all so good.
IMG  6485
The next day I met with Margherita, a friend of mine from Italy who I hadn't seen for about 20-25 years. She works at the Salk Institute, of which Dulbecco is one of the founders.
IMG  6482
And she showed me around. This in how one of the benches looks like. Do you notice anything unusual???
IMG  9446
Time to pack our bags and enjoy our last day.
IMG  6494
First we went to Sunset Cliffs Park. This is how the San Diego vegetation would look like if it was kept natural.
IMG  6497
These are the cliffs.
IMG  6501
And these are the houses in front of the cliffs.
IMG  9451
Time to take few pictures (thanks to Elissa from whom I borrowed some of the pictures in this album)
IMG  9463
IMG  9464
IMG  9472
And then we went to the Cabrillo National Monument, where you can have a view of the city and of Tijuana.
IMG  9481
We missed the right time to see tide pools.
IMG  6520
So we went up to see the lighthouse
IMG  6514
and take more pictures.
IMG  6510
IMG  6524
Then we went to the Old Town again to get more mexican food.
IMG  6534
This is the original Casa de Pedrorena, built in 1850.
IMG  6528
It has a beatiful yard inside
IMG  6533
IMG  6535
IMG  6537
This used to be a restaurant. They say the balcony on the top floor is haunted by a Lady with a white dress.
IMG  6545
Driving in San Diego is crazy for me. There's a lot of cars and to go from one point to another one you always end up taking the interstate.
IMG  6548
But the best of it is that the airport is right there, between the interstate and the ocean. So while you drive you can see airplanes coming from east,
IMG  6549
flying on top of your head,
IMG  6547
and landing on the sunset.
IMG  6551
Next, Balboa Park, an immense park in the middle of the city where there are a lot of museums. It is beautiful, but I got the impression it was not natural. At least the part we saw.
IMG  6558
IMG  6561
One of the coolest things is the cactus garden, where they collected several species of cactus.
IMG  6570
IMG  6585
Last, we drove along the Coronado Bay Bridge to have a night view of the city.
IMG  9612
IMG  9616
It was very cold, so we decided to spend our last hour in a coffee shop, where we got some refreshments. One of these please,
IMG  9617
and one of these.
IMG  9615
IMG  6587
Before returning the car we drove by the famous Hotel del Coronado.
IMG  9632
Then it was time to say bye to Steve and take our flight back to Boston.
IMG  9355
Bye-bye San Diego, bye-bye California... I hope to be back soon.