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Saylors in Boston
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So my sis, bro-in-law, and niece (Ellie) came to see Boston for the first time.
boston B
During the weekend of Red Sox fever (unfortunately for my Cardinals)
science Museum
The weather was beautiful (<50F and raining), so I took them to a toy museum that was closed (FAO Swartz) and then we walked 3 miles to the Science museum.
ellie Shy
Ellie was still being shy.
ellie Afriad
With regards to her uncle, I think she was downright afraid.
my Place A
She never stopped moving
my Place B
especially with her uncle's nice toys around
my Place C
with LOTS of buttons, knobs, and sliders.
my Place D
Ellie got her TV fix,
my Place E
and dressed for bed.
my Place F
She played with money
my Place G
phone A
Then called a friend
phone B
to say goodnite.
kids A
Saturday bright and early: Boston kids museum.
kids B
We started in the 3&under section
kids C
Where Ellie thought she was queen
kids D
Do any little kids not do this?
kids E
Ilaria made me put this picture here.
chicken A
I played a game of chicken
chicken B
with this little man.
efs IM
Then Ellie asked Ilaria to hold her for the 1st time [ and never asked me again :(.... ]
(I have a picture of Scott in this tunnel but you don't wanna see it :)
Ellie had a go at hula hooping
and then we walked (don't ya like scott's smile?)
downtown Cross
through downtown crossing
on our way to Boston Common (America's oldest park)
to see the pumpkin festival
pumpkin A
The sidewalks were lined for miles
pumpkin B
with pumpkins
pumpkin C
I needed to give this a thought.
The little people ran free.
try 1
And I saw that if he trys
try 2
and trys,
try 3
even a frog
try 4
can stand.
face 1
most of the pumpkins
face 2
weren't so spectacular
face 3
but this was the most complicated!
little peeps
big peeps
little Wins
little peeps always win the day
The Saylor family saw a harsh reality of Boston Life (thankfully not our car).
We made the obligatory stops at Cheers bar
and Paul Revere's house

and called it a day.
Sunday, Ellie saw her 1st Gauguin (and made a unique discovery of a fish-like representation of the Lilys in Monet's Waterlilys that will keep art historians busy for years)
But my niece is a currently a better creator than observer, so we babysat while the parents checked out the museum.
walk 1
By this time,
walk 2
it was obvious who was pushin this group around.
walk 3
tired 1
Then the tired, tired
tired 2
went home

Thanks for coming Retse, Scott, and Ellie!