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Semprevisa climb 2009
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IMG  4398
As a kid I never really got to see proper mountains. The Smokey Mountains were the highest I'd ever driven through. I always wanted to climb a mountain. When I was seven we moved to Alabama, and there was a "mountain" (actually it was more of a hill) across the street that my dad promised we could climb together. Turned out that hill was completely inhabited, contained a golf course, and wasn't something you could hike up.

Finally at the age of 30, I got my chance. Latina, Ilaria's hometown, has a couple of interesting mountains to climb. One is a climb along the beach and a higher one, Semprevisa, that is about 30 minutes inland from the beach.
IMG  4403
Fernando had climbed Semprevisa many times and offered to take us up.

I asked him how many other climbers we'd find on the mountain. He said on a hot day like this one, only three stupid people.
IMG  4407
With our expert guide, we began going
IMG  4422
IMG  4423
and up
IMG  4424
and up.
IMG  4425
The first part wasn't really a "climb" -- more of a steep walk through the woods.
IMG  4429
Along the way, we got a few glimpses of the neighboring
IMG  4433
IMG  4437
One thing that really struck me was the difference in landscape and scenery from what I'm used to seeing in the USA. This hike felt more like I was walking through the Mediterranean lands described in the bible.
IMG  4445
After the steep walk, we arrived at a fountain
IMG  4447
and took a group photo.
IMG  4440
At this point, Ilaria, who still had weak stomach muscles from her C-section surgery 3-months before, thought she might be ready to go back soon.
IMG  4449
But she was willing to go up a bit further, so we advanced to the next section of the trail over some rocky terrain, which was the steepest climb of the trip.
IMG  4452
At the top of this section, we could see the little town
IMG  4453
even better.
IMG  4465
Ilaria was holding on strong as we walked through some flower-filled valleys
IMG  4471
and on to the most unpleasant part of the hike:
IMG  4473
The Valley of the Flies.
IMG  4477
This mountain is a grazing land for many cows. The dung-laden valley grass was fertile with colorful yellow flowers.
IMG  4478
But all of this dung laying around was a freakin feast for zillions of flies. I've never seen so many flies in my life. They were all over us. All the buzzing was driving us crazy. I feel uncomfortable even typing about it.
IMG  4482
We eventually made it through
IMG  4485
and found some of the cows grazing on the other side.

At this point, Ilaria was feeling pretty sore and decided to stop. Fernando said we were about 15 minutes from the top. After 3-4 hours of hiking, I really wanted to see the top so Fernando showed me the basic direction to head, while he and Ilaria stayed back to rest and have lunch. Those 15 minutes felt like forever, because it was much harder to stay on the trail when I had to do it myself rather than having master guide Fernando do it for me. I kept losing the trail and finding it again. I was worried I'd get lost and not find my way back, and I didn't want Ilaria to have to come look for me. Plus there were lots of horses by themselves just walking around. I find free horses intimidating.
IMG  4487
But I found my way
IMG  4486
to the top,
IMG  4488
which had by far the best
IMG  4491
views of the trip.
IMG  4489
Thanks to Fernando's guidance and Ilaria's perseverance, I had climbed my first mountain.

Despite the heat, we had a pretty fun hike.