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Sunday River ski trip 2007
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ilaria elissa sunday river
Aren't they cute? :)
ilaria elissa sunday river 2
But this isn't a cute album about snow bunnies and such.
sunday river 1
This is an album about extreme sports in 2007,
J snowboard
so let's get down the mountain (checkout my new snowboard jacket, which I bought on sale for only $40!).
elissa ben sunday river
This year we took a midweek ski trip to Sunday River with Elissa and Ben (who are responsible for taking most of these pictures, since I'm still not a good snowboarder and my camera might break, breaking my fall).
ilaria J with snowman
Ilaria and I held hands with a friend at the top of the mountain.
sunday river J
The conditions were great. It snowed 20 inches the Friday before we got there.
sunday river snow
Then Sunday, after we arrived, it snowed a little more.
ilaria sunday river crawl
We did run into a few flat parts when traversing the mountain (tough on a snowboard).
ilaria sunday river crawl 2
But even Ilaria dragged herself across them eventually. (In case you don't snowboard or ski, this is not the normal way to move across flat terrain :)
sunday river view
My favorite part of snowboarding is still just stopping to look at the snowy mountain.
ben sunday river
Ben was in a league of his own with our group (he skied competitively throughout high school, Elissa hadn't really skied since high school, and Ilaria and I didn't learn how to snowboard until long after high school).
sunday river J 2
But he was very patient waiting for me
sunday river ilaria
and Ilaria to poke our way down the mountain.
ben sunday river 2
But then again, we were pretty patient with him in the lodge
ben sunday river 3
where we had to wait for him to sign autographs for all the gals flocking around him.
ilaria map fake
This photo is faked.
ilaria map real
In reality, Ilaria did most of the mapping stuff
ilaria ben map
with a little assistance from Ben and Elissa. And no assistance for me.
ilaria ben map 2
Ilaria loves maps. I grew to hate maps. They slow you down, and I just want to ride down the mountain, rather than spending half of the time charting the way down.

The last day, Ben and I went down multiple times with no map, and we always ended up at the bottom of the mountain eventually.
ilaria j lift
Here is Ilaria and I riding up the lift (we don't normally cuddle like this on the lift - it's only for the photo; cuddling is too clunky with snowboards, helmets, and 20lbs of snow gear).
sunday river view 2
Who'd a thought that after that snow storm was over you'd get a beautiful view like this. Makes me want to go skiin again.
sunday river pasta dinner
That night we ate pasta al forno together like a little family.
sunday river tiny beds
And we all bundled into our slumber-party bunk-beds and rested for the next day of skiing.
IMG  3241
The next morning, Elissa and Ben skied down this. Yeah, that's right this is the trail. I'd be like a plinko piece going down this. Ilaria and I stuck to simpler terrain.
IMG  3242
J glamour
We had a ski-in ski-out condo. Which made it really easy to come back to the cabin for a quick lunch and some sexy glamour photos like this one
ben glamour
and this one.
ilaria J snow
Ben wasn't feeling too well, so Ilaria, Elissa, and I went out into a giant snow storm.
sunday river blizzard
By the time we got to the top, it was more like a blizzard. The wind was so hard you wouldn't move if you didn't bend down a good bit. And there was so much snow kicking around that you had no idea where anyone was. Luckily, we were almost the only ones left on the mountain. Also, luckily we had Elissa, a pretty good skier, with us. I might not have liked it by myself. But it was the best time. There was so much snow falling that even black diamond slopes were easy. And after realizing that the snow was like a big pillow to catch your fall, I started doing crazy stuff and crashing all over the place just for fun.
ben sick
When we got back, Ben still wasn't felling too good,
sunday river pool
so he stayed at the condo while we went to the pool. Look at my princess girlfriend.
ilaria swimming
The pool was 91F, kinda strange when it's snowing outside, but very nice. After Ilaria discovered the heat came from the filter vents scattered around the pool, she parked in front of a vent and rarely ventured away from it.
sunday river pool 2
Elissa (from Minnesota) showed me this nice game: you hop out of the water, roll around in the snow, and jump back in the warm water. Now there's somethin different. Can't say that it's not fun though.
trivial pursuit sunday river
Elissa and Ben are gaming professionals. Initially, they were putting a hurting on us in a battle of trivial pursuit. We came back from behind and almost won it, but couldn't seal the deal with that final question - and we lost. I think we should probably be happy with such a close loss.
ilaria knees
The last day was a bit chaotic. First, it was -18F. Then to keep warm, Ilaria tucked her neck warmer under her goggles, venting all the condensation from her breath onto her goggles where it instantly turned into a thin sheet of ice that took me 20 minutes to remove (2x because she tucked it in again after I fixed it the first time). Then, Elissa's calf cramped up while skiing out from our ski-in ski-out condo. Last, not to be outdone, Ilaria fell off the poorly designed lift while we were getting on. The mountain people had ski patrol and a doctor check her out, she was fine - only these couple bruises here.

Ben and I left the girls inside to recover, as we took a final few runs. I learned a lot while trying to chase Ben down the mountain (he was just cruising but for me it was fast).
boston after sunday river
Finally, Elissa and Ben drove us in the Ford Escape zip car back to our lovely City of Boston. Best ski trip I've ever taken. Hope I only do midweek skiing from now on! Thanks for the driving and the fun trip Elissa and Ben.