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Taking our new car to Shaw Nature Reserve
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IMG  9358
There she is, our new Scion XD. Ilaria and I leased a new car, because we feel strongly that we'd always like to have a car under warranty, so we don't have to worry fixing it. It also allows us to always have a car with the latest safety features.
IMG  9360
Thanks to Ilaria, we picked up our car over a month after we arrived in Saint Louis, because they didn't have a blue one with vehicle stability control; we had to wait for Toyota to ship a blue one from Japan.
IMG  9362
When we picked up the car it had 4 miles or so on the odometer. By the time we left for our non-errand trip in our new car we were up to 13.
IMG  9363
Our first road trip was to Shaw Nature Reserve.
IMG  9368
Jill Manchester, the lab manager in the lab I work in lives nearby
IMG  9367
and told us that this weekend was when the daffodils were going to be blooming (thanks for the tip Jill!).
tulip show
As a bonus, we also learned that there was a daffodil show that day as well.
tulip show prize
We saw some pretty
tulip show winner
tulip show winner closeup
field of tulips
Near the daffodils show as a field
Ilaria with tulips
with lots
IMG  9393
and lots
IMG  9398
tulips with birdhouse
IMG  9403
The nature reserve has lots of trails, so we set out to hike a few. We walked right by this pond,
IMG  9410
and when we turned around there was a couple taking lots of pictures with a fancy camera. Turns out we walked right by a woodpecker
IMG  9413
and some
IMG  9414
IMG  9415
The trail was nice but not too challenging.
IMG  9427
Here was the most
IMG  9428
difficult part.
IMG  9431
With the simple task
IMG  9432
of not
IMG  9433
stumbling and getting your feet wet (the kids in front of us really liked this part).
IMG  9438
There was a random
IMG  9439
on the trail.
IMG  9449
We'd been pummeled by rain in Missouri for the last few weeks, so some of the trails were under water and the stream through the park looked like the Mississippi.
IMG  9454
Overall it was a nice simple trip, a good chance to test out our new Scion (it performed brilliantly), and to see some of the nature around St. Louis.