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Thanksgiving 2009
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With his new locomotor skills, we finally had a chance to see what Eliot wanted from his world.
He was becoming his own independent little person.
IMG  6084
He was getting the hang of
IMG  6093
IMG  6099
At nine months old it was time for
IMG  6103
his first Thanksgiving.
IMG  6108
So we loaded up the car to head to my folks house.
IMG  6111
To make the 10hr trip not so long for Eliot, we stopped at a hotel. Our previous trip to my folks house, we stopped at a cheap hotel and Ilaria found fleas on Eliot the next day. So starting this trip, we upgraded our minimal level of hotel quality to Hampton Inn.
IMG  6113
We slept well together in the big bed.
IMG  6123
Ilaria fed Eliot a
IMG  6125
tasty breakfast.
IMG  6130
And we headed to see Ellie, Gray, Gran, Pawpaw, and Aunt Retse.
IMG  6134
The cousins were happy to
IMG  6135
play together.
IMG  6137
Especially, because last time they met Eliot was less than 3 months old and
IMG  6139
couldn't do
IMG  6145
too much.
IMG  6158
It was nice to be
IMG  6162
warm for Thanksgiving.
IMG  6164
We put the tree up together.
IMG  6173
Eliot helped Aunt Retse.
IMG  6178
The next day we opened presents!!!
IMG  6179
Eliot didn't really have the hang of it yet.
IMG  6184
But his cousins
IMG  6185
were present opening experts.
IMG  6188
And I'm sure over time,
IMG  6190
they'll show him the ropes.
IMG  6193
Eliot got a basketball, baseball, football toy from Gran and Pawpaw.
IMG  6203
IMG  6204
Ellie and Gray with their iPods and Eliot with his new dog.
IMG  6206
IMG  6212
Eliot made some artwork.
IMG  6217
Gran was happy to have all of the grandkids together.
IMG  6235
Back home with our dirty kid, it was time for new teeth,
IMG  6239
which he used to
IMG  6243
take his first bite out of an
IMG  6244
IMG  6251
Time to rest up for the Christmas trip to Italy.