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Thanksgiving Savannah 2007
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clarys savannah
After Hilton Head, it was time for Ilaria and I to say goodbye to my family and continue our travels of the Southeast. My parents gave us a ride to the train station to drop off our bags and then we all drove to downtown Savannah where we went to have breakfast at Clary's.
clarys menu savannah
Clary's became famous in the book/movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil". I'm glad we watched that movie and decided to try out this dinner, because it was good.
Clarys omelet Savannah
My mom, Ilaria and I had omelets that had apples and cinnamon inside. It sounded weird, but was really tasty.
IMG  6146
My dad had an order of pancakes
IMG  6147
that also came with a giant plate full of the basics.
IMG  6148
That was some breakfast.

After breakfast, my folks began their 9hr drive home
IMG  6152
and Ilaria and I began to explore Savannah.
IMG  6154
Savannah is truely a unique city in the world.
IMG  6155
It is filled with the standard features of nice Southern US towns towns like big shady trees
Church Savannah
and big churches.
IMG  6162
Although not as history rich as Charleston, it is not without history; for example the Union troups came through Savannah, and General Grant actually stayed in this house while he was in town.
IMG  6163
But the major distinguishing feature of Savannah is the large number of beautiful
IMG  6164
squares (like the placa of Catalunya, plaza of Spain, and piazza of Italy).
IMG  6167
The many different trolley tours in the city provide a way to quickly see most of the squares, so that's how we started out tour of Savannah.
church Pana
The trolley made a quick stop
IMG  6168
at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist,
IMG  6173
but other than that one stop the trolley just drove from square to square with the driver describing some of the houses. It was worth the money to have a quick overview of the sites we wanted to walk around later.
pirates house savannah
We also drove by the "Pirates House" which was in Robert Louis Stevenson's book Treasure Island.
IMG  6182
After the trolley tour finished, we began to explore Savannah on foot. We found cement with shells in it like we'd seen in St. Augustine, FL.
IMG  6189
Savannah is a fantastic city to walk around.
IMG  6190
There are twenty-four squares, and they are all a little different.
IMG  6191
So it's nice to walk from square to square
IMG  6193
looking at the houses in the square
IMG  6198
and at the different gardens
IMG  6199
in them.
IMG  6200
We made a point to visit some of the sites from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.
IMG  6201
The Mercer house was where much of the movie took place.
IMG  6204
The park bench scene in Forest Gump was filmed in Chippewa Square
IMG  6209
We made our way to
IMG  6217
Forsyth Park.
IMG  6219
IMG  6221
IMG  6228
They have many rules and an organization in Savannah that must approve all construction and modifications to the houses to ensure the city continues to look like Savannah.

The jurisdiction of the organization ends at the edge of the park.
IMG  6230
After all the walking
IMG  6238
it was time to
IMG  6244
find something to eat.
paula deen savannah
The most famous place to eat in town is The Lady & Sons, with famous chef Paula Deen.

The line was running way down the block, so we went to
express cafe bakery savannah
The Express Cafe & Bakery.
IMG  6250
Ilaria had a tasty bean soup,
IMG  6251
and I had a chicken salad with bacon in a pita bread that was really tasty.
IMG  6260
With our full bellies it was time to see more Savannah squares. In this square the world was not held by Atlas, but rather
IMG  6261
by a small collection of turtles.
IMG  6267
We had a late afternoon tea
IMG  6269
at gryphon.
IMG  6276
Savannah at night was nice but cold. We decided to head down to the water where the annual lighting of the Christmas tree was getting underway.
IMG  6277
Many of the roads by the water are made of rocks imported from Britain.

Why would they import rocks from Britain you ask?

When the British were coming to the colonies to bring goods back to England, the ships used rocks as their ballast. When they arrived in the colonies, they'd jettison their rock ballast and the weight for the ballast on the return trip would come from the goods being carried back to England.
IMG  6282
On the water there was
IMG  6286
a boat light parade,
IMG  6288
some gospel music,
IMG  6292
IMG  6296
and some local children singing.
IMG  6299
After the Christmas facilities, we stopped in a candy shop
IMG  6301
and then we took a cab to the Savannah train station to catch our train to Virginia.